Q2 Appthority Pulse Report Finds Chat Apps Most Popular, Risky & Blacklisted Apps

Today Appthority released our Q2 Enterprise Mobile Security Pulse Report. The report looks at three areas of interest to enterprise mobility and security teams: 1) the most common iOS and Android apps in enterprises, 2) the apps most often blacklisted by enterprises, 3) the top mobile malware connections by country

This quarter, we continued to see enterprises being exposed to data leakage and privacy risks from many commonly used apps, particularly chat apps and there are some new additions to the top 10 lists of enterprise blacklisted apps.

Download the Q2 Enterprise Mobile Security Pulse Report for the complete list of enterprise blacklisted apps plus threat scores and more.

For iOS devices, WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger, and Waze topped the list as the riskiest apps most often found in the enterprise. For Android, the riskiest and most often found apps were WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger and Telegram, an instant messaging and voice over IP service. Both Waze and Telegram were new to the list from the previous quarter.

Productivity and Business apps are the top two app categories in enterprises on Android (36%) with Business and Travel being the most common iOS (44%) app categories. Among Android apps in enterprises this quarter, Mobile Threat Risk Scores show vulnerability risks predominate with some data leakage risks as well. The most common iOS apps in enterprises are more evenly split between vulnerability and data leakage risks (see the report for further scoring information). 

The top app categories blacklisted by enterprises were messaging, social networking and dating apps. The top three blacklisted apps by OS were Facebook Messenger, Wickr Me, and WhatsApp Messenger for Android; and Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Messenger, and Tinder for iOS (see the report for a detailed list of blacklisted app versions and their Mobile Threat Risk Scores).

The Pulse report also reveals the most common destination countries for mobile malware and the reputation of the connections by country. This quarter, the U.S., China and Germany are top destinations for Android and iOS malware despite these countries having average reputation scores in the Trustworthy and Low Risk range. The Netherlands had the highest percentage of connections in the High Risk range (3%) followed by China and Hong Kong, at 2% respectively.

Download the full Enterprise Mobile Security Pulse Report for Q2 2018 or access other research reports from Appthority by visiting www.appthority.com/resources/#research.

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