Barracuda Flashpoint CrowdStrike ransomware machine learning AI/ML for Threat Intelligence

CrowdStrike Extends Scope of Managed Cybersecurity Services

CrowdStrike added a slew of capabilities to its managed cybersecurity service, integrated generative AI tools to investigate incidents and announced the acquisition of Bionic, an ASPM platform provider ...
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NTT Attivo Networks AD Red Forest, or Well-Managed Active Directory

NTT Taps Microsoft to Provide MDR Service

NTT Ltd has launched a managed detection and response (MDR) security service based on Microsoft Sentinel, a security information event management (SIEM) platform hosted in the Azure cloud service. The NTT MDR ...
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cybersecurity quantum

Dell to Open Zero-Trust Center of Excellence

Dell Technologies announced it will open a zero-trust Center of Excellence next spring in collaboration with CyberPoint International and the Maryland Innovation Security Institute (MISI) at the U.S. Cyber Command’s DreamPort facility ...
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cybersecurity acquisition

HelpSystems to Acquire Alert Logic to Gain MDR Service

HelpSystems has agreed to acquire Alert Logic to gain control over a set of managed detection and response (MDR) services. John Grancarich, vice president of product strategy for HelpSystems, said managed services ...
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talent, boards, skills, SASE cybersecurity skills gap remote workforce

How MSPs can Fill the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

Next year will continue a five-year skills gap trend for businesses confronting the growing complexity of cybersecurity threats. A report by Enterprise Strategy Group noted that 95% of cybersecurity employees interviewed say ...
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service mesh Deloitte Akamai Extends Security Services to the Enterprise

Deloitte Extends Managed Security Service to Include XDR

Deloitte today extended its portfolio of managed security services to include a managed extended detection and response (MXDR) offering that incorporates security monitoring and response capabilities developed by both Deloitte and its ...
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cybersecurity MSPs

3 Pillars of a Successful Managed Security Services Deployment

As much as they’d like to be able to, not many enterprises can afford a dedicated, in-house SWAT team of security experts, ready to pounce on and deflect the latest threats to ...
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deepwatch Sumo Logic JumpCloud

deepwatch Adds Managed Threat Detection via Splunk

Managed security service provider deepwatch this week announced it has added a threat detection and response service for small to medium-sized businesses based on the security information and event management (SIEM) platform ...
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Reblaze vendor access management

Reblaze Rolls Out Managed Reverse Proxy Security Service

Reblaze this week made generally available a managed cloud service, dubbed Curiefense, through which it provides a web application firewall, application programming interface (API) security, bot management, traffic control and distributed denial ...
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managed security services

How Managed Security Services Secure Your Organization?

To keep up with ever-evolving hacking techniques and cyberattacks, businesses need to leverage robust security measures to defend their data from theft and unauthorized access. Unfortunately, several businesses, especially SMBs. The post ...