Israel Hamas cyberwar

Pro-Palestinian Threat Groups Expand Cyberwar Beyond Israel

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As Israel’s military escalates its ground and air attacks in Gaza, the parallel cyberwar that spun up so quickly following the October 7 surprise raids by Hama terrorists appears to be changing ...
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Meta TikTok disinformation EU

EU Wants Details from Meta, TikTok About Disinformation Measures

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The European Union is putting more pressure on social media companies to crack down on disinformation that has been spreading rapidly on their platforms since the start of fighting between Israel and ...
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Israel Hamas spyware Android

Spoofed Rocket Alert App Targets Israeli Android Users with Spyware

As violence and protests spread in the chaotic war between Israel and Hamas, evidence of the parallel battle going on in cyberspace continue to emerge. It started almost immediately after the initial ...
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Israel Hamas cyberwar

A Growing Cyberwar in the Widening Israeli-Hamas Conflict

The unprecedented assault by Hamas on Israel over the weekend brought with it cyberattacks by a number of known threat groups, echoing what was seen in the runup and aftermath of Russia’s ...
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