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Fostering the Next Generation of Cybersecurity Talent

A career in cybersecurity guarantees many things: Job stability, competitive compensation and room for growth, just to name a few. Cybersecurity professionals are drawn to the fact that they are part of ...
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Ask Chloé: Discrimination in Hiring Practices

Welcome to the Ask Chloé column on Security Boulevard! Each week, Chloé provides answers to readers’ questions to help guide them as they navigate the technology industry. This week, Chloé addresses the role bias and ...
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Women Make Gains in Cybersecurity, But Gaps Remain

While the cybersecurity industry has made strides in filling the diversity gap, it remains an issue in several aspects, including a lack of female representation. The Women in CyberSecurity (WiCyS) conference, which ...
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The Human Touch in Identity Verification

Businesses and consumers alike are growing more dependent on AI every day. The technology serves as the foundation of almost every digital assistant, search engine, online shopping recommendation or automated technology we ...
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Neurodiversity in IT Security

Neurodiversity, the term for the range of differences in individual brain function and behavioral traits, with regard to sociability, learning, attention, mood and other mental functions in a non-pathological sense, is important ...
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