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How to Eliminate Certificate Misconfiguration in Kubernetes

Kubernetes and OpenShift have become the standard for modern cloud-based application development. As infrastructure grows and clusters scale, huge volumes of TLS and mTLS certificates are used as development teams build and ...
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Mozilla Cuts SSL Certificate Lifespans – Keyfactor

TLS certificates serve many purposes. Primarily, they enable encrypted sessions between clients and the websites and prove that the site is not a malicious imposer. A good security practice is to renew ...
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How Eradicating EV Certificates Will Change the Internet Landscape

EV certificates help provide user assurance and foment trust. Removing them would open to the door to greater security issues. When it comes to web browser security, we’ve all been told that ...
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Stopping Man-in-the-Middle Attacks With Cryptography

Man-in-the-middle. Man-in-the-browser. IP spoofing. DNS spoofing. They’re all part of the happy family of hacks generally known as Man-in-the-middle attacks, wherein a bad actor secretly relays and possibly alters the communication between ...
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Web Security Leader Rapidly Expands by Partnering with AWS and Imperva

Companies try to plan and pace their growth. Those plans go out the window when a merger or acquisition happens, as it did to DigiCert Inc. DigiCert, based in Lehi, Utah, had ...