Certificates and Pwnage and Patches, Oh My!

Certificates and Pwnage and Patches, Oh My!

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This post was written by Will Schroeder and Lee Christensen.A lot has happened since we released the “Certified Pre-Owned” blog post and whitepaper in June of last year. While the paper details ...
Digital Identities and Assets - David Mahdi, Sectigo

Techstrong TV: Understanding & Managing Digital Identities

David and Charlene discuss how to effectively manage digital identities and assets in the rapidly evolving digital world. The video and a transcript of the conversation are below. This is Digital Anarchist ...
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IoT Log4j Exchange ProxyLogon OT PKI IoT security

Rising Above Complexity to Secure IoT Devices

The internet of things (IoT) has truly come of age, and innovative new use cases are emerging all around us. Each day, we’re seeing the IoT in businesses and factories, cities, vehicles ...
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A screenshot of an example warning message that displays on sites using expired SSL/TLS certificates. This is a demonstrative illustration for the benefits of PKI automation.

4 Takeaways from DigiCert’s 2021 PKI Automation Study

What are the top PKI challenges organizations are facing in 2021, and how are they tackling them? Data from DigiCert’s 2021 State of PKI Automation unveils several important trends. A... The post ...
A bar chart that shows the average total cost of a data breach (data credit: IBM's 2021 Cost of a Data Breach Report)

Growing Demand for Custom PKI Solutions Creates New Opportunities for IT Providers

Public key infrastructure (PKI) adoption is booming. New data from MarketsandMarkets forecasts that the global PKI market (which includes SSL/TLS certificates) will reach $9.8 billion by 2026 — let’s explore how you can get your piece of... The post ...
Palo Alto Networks SASE network engineer endpoint Qualys security culture Palo Alto Networks SASE network VPN cybersecurity culture

Securing Networks in a Perimeterless World

The network perimeter—as it is traditionally understood—is dead. Firewalls were once considered the pinnacle of cybersecurity: erect a strong enough one around the network and everything inside will be secure. Unfortunately, that ...
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SecOps GitLab security policy operational resilience SOC certificate DevSecOps: Beyond Manual Policy Implementation

Understanding Certificate Policies and Practice Statements

Public key infrastructure (PKI) is the sort of technology that most users take for granted. They use it every day in a variety of ways but most don’t even realize it. PKI ...
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RagnarLocker PKIaaS certificate key management PKI SSH key

With Remote Work, Don’t Leave Security Behind

We’ve all heard how the global pandemic has accelerated workplace trends that were already well underway. Adoption of automation, e-commerce, and remote work has increased significantly, and many of the changes are ...
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Establishing Zero Trust with Certificate Lifecycle Automation

Establishing Zero Trust with Certificate Lifecycle Automation

Zero trust is a security strategy in which user access requests for data or resources on an organization’s network always need to be authenticated and authorized. The concept of zero trust became ...
Next-Gen PKIaaS and CLMaaS

Next-Gen PKIaaS and CLMaaS: Here’s How You Can Leverage Them for Your Enterprise

Digital certificates are the foundation for security and digital identity. They authenticate apps, devices, and services and enable encryption in network communication. Typically, enterprises set up a private PKI on-premise to issue ...