Certificate Lifecycle Automation Using Ansible Playbook With AppViewX

Certificate Lifecycle Automation Using Ansible Playbook With AppViewX

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, SSL/TLS certificates are the cornerstone of secure online communication. These certificates play a vital role in ensuring data confidentiality and trust between users and websites. However, the management of SSL/TLS certificates can be a complex and time-consuming task, particularly in environments with numerous certificates ... Read More
The Next-Gen Machine Identity Management Report

The Vanson Bourne Study: Key Trends Influencing the Next Generation of Machine Identity Management Solutions

The Covid 19 pandemic has forced all of us to rethink cybersecurity.  The transition to remote work and online service models has brought to the forefront a lot of cybersecurity vulnerabilities. While it has demonstrated our growing dependence on technology, it also highlighted the importance of security. Research by Gartner ... Read More
IoT Security with Identity Management Solution

Why is IoT Security so Important Today?

Digitally connected devices and applications are encroaching every aspect of our lives, be it our homes, offices, cars or even our bodies. All objects are turning smart to be able to harness the benefits of being connected to the internet. The era of Internet of Things (IoT) is booming at ... Read More
Why is Machine Identity as important as Human Identity

Why is Machine Identity as important as Human Identity?

Communication is an elemental fabric of a society that keeps it running. There’s a constant exchange of information, commodities or services happening between individuals for various purposes. For any communication to occur, there are three entities involved – sender, receiver and message. A message doesn’t have any value of its ... Read More
Building Digital Trust with Machine Identity Management

Building Digital Trust with Machine Identity Management

While digital transformation has been underway for many years now, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic made it an overnight business necessity. As organizations were forced to move their operations and workforces online, it became increasingly clear that the key to surviving and emerging stronger out of the crisis is ... Read More
How a single digital certificate expiry impacted 11 countries

How a Single Digital Certificate Expiry Impacted 11 Countries?

It was early December 6th 2018, a cold winter morning when the security team at Swedish multinational networking and telecommunications company Ericsson received the jolt of their lives. A digital certificate used by Ericsson for its SGSN-MME (Serving GPRS Support Node – Mobility Management Entity) had expired. The impact? Over ... Read More
Establishing Zero Trust with Certificate Lifecycle Automation

Establishing Zero Trust with Certificate Lifecycle Automation

Zero trust is a security strategy in which user access requests for data or resources on an organization’s network always need to be authenticated and authorized. The concept of zero trust became more of a necessity within the last few years due to the dissolving network boundary of most organizations ... Read More
Next-Gen PKIaaS and CLMaaS

Next-Gen PKIaaS and CLMaaS: Here’s How You Can Leverage Them for Your Enterprise

Digital certificates are the foundation for security and digital identity. They authenticate apps, devices, and services and enable encryption in network communication. Typically, enterprises set up a private PKI on-premise to issue and manage these certificates. But, with the growing dominance of cloud-based apps, containerized services, DevOps, and IoT devices, ... Read More
AppViewX CERT After a Painful Outage Epic Games Advocate Automated Certificate Renewals

After a Painful Outage, Epic Games Advocate Automated Certificate Renewals

On April 6, 2021, American video game and software developer, Epic Games, experienced a massive outage that resulted in the failure of multiple internal systems, logins, live services, and their game launcher. Root cause analysis exposed the culprit as an expired wildcard TLS certificate used for an internal DNS zone ... Read More
x.509 certificate management

SSH Certificates and their Real-World Applications

The ongoing pandemic has pushed many organizations to direct their employees to work from home, necessitating a switch to a public cloud infrastructure. Naturally, this raises data security concerns, as companies worry about bad actors intercepting their secure communications. A popular authentication protocol is Secure Shell, or SSH, and in ... Read More