Conquering Caffeinated Amazon Athena with the metis Trio of Packages

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I must preface this post with the posit that if you’re doing anything interactive() with Amazon Athena you should seriously consider just using their free ODBC drivers as it’s the easiest way ...

Connecting Apache Zeppelin Up to Amazon Athena with an IAM Profile Name

| | athena, aws, zeppelin
Apache Zeppelin is a “notebook” alternative to Jupyter (and other) notebooks. It supports a plethora of kernels/interpreters and can do a ton of things that this post isn’t going to discuss (perhaps ...

A new ‘boto3’ Amazon Athena client wrapper with dplyr async query support

| | athena, R
A previous post explored how to deal with Amazon Athena queries asynchronously. The function presented is a beast, though it is on purpose (to provide options for folks). In reality, nobody really ...

Alleviating AWS Athena Aggravation with Asynchronous Assistance

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I’ve blogged about how to use Amazon Athena with R before and if you are a regular Athena user, you’ve likely run into a situation where you prepare a dplyr chain, fire ...

Painless ODBC + dplyr Connections to Amazon Athena and Apache Drill with R & odbc

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I spent some time this morning upgrading the JDBC driver (and changing up some supporting code to account for changes to it) for my metis package🔗 which connects R up to Amazon ...