Supreme Annotations Plot Redux & An OJS Plot↔ggplot2 Rosetta Stone

Supreme Annotations Plot Redux & An OJS Plot↔ggplot2 Rosetta Stone

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Back in 2016, I did a post on {ggplot2} text annotations because it was a tad more challenging to do some of the things in that post back in the day. Since I’ve been moving back and forth between R and Observable (and JavaScript in general), I decided to recreate ... Read More
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Start Creating Vanilla JS WebR Apps With Less Inertia

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WebR has a template for React, but I’m not a fan of it or Vue (a fact longtime readers are likely tired of hearing right about now). It’s my opinion and experience that Lit webcomponents come closer to “bare metal” webcomponents, which means the “lock-in” with Lit is way less ... Read More
5 solar system panels

Make “Solar System” Plots With {ggsolar}

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I was cranking out a blog post for work earlier this week that shows off just how many integrations our platform has. I won’t blather about that content here, but as I was working on it, I really wanted to show off all the integrations. A table seemed far too ... Read More

Introducing WebRIDEr: The WebR “IDE”-ish REPL You Didn’t Know You Needed

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The official example WebR REPL is definitely cool and useful to get the feel for WebR. But, it is far from an ideal way to deal with it interactively, even as just a REPL. As y’all know, I’ve been conducing numerous experiments with WebR and various web technologies. I started ... Read More

🧪 Lit + WebR + Observable Plot: Linking Lit’s Lightweight Web Components And WebR For Vanilla JS Reactivity & JS DataVis

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See it live before reading! The previous post brought lit-webr, to introduce Lit and basic reactivity. Today, is more of the same, but we bring the OG Shiny demo plot into the modern age by using Observbable Plot to make the charts. We’re still pulling data from R, but we’re ... Read More

Linking Lit’s Lightweight Web Components And WebR For Vanilla JS Reactivity

| | R, rust, webr
See it live before reading! This is a Lit + WebR reproduction of the OG Shiny Demo App Lit is a javascript library that makes it a bit easier to work with Web Components, and is especially well-suited in reactive environments. My recent hack-y WebR experiments have been using Reef ... Read More

You’re One JavaScript Function Call Away From Using (Most) WebR R Functions In Your WebR-Powered Apps/Sites

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After writing the initial version of a tutorial on wrapping and binding R functions on the javascript side of WebR, I had a number of other WebR projects on the TODO list. But, I stuck around noodling on the whole “wrapping & binding” thing, and it dawned on me that ... Read More

WebR Filesystem Machinations & ReefR

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It’s difficult to believe it has only been a couple of weeks since WebR has been around. But that might just be my perception. The spike protein invasion has significantly increased sedentary time, and that has enabled me to focus on this new toy to keep my attention focused on ... Read More

The Road To ggplot2 In WebR, Part 1: The Road Is Paved With Good Base R Plots

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I have graphics working in Vanilla JS WebR, now, and I’ll cover the path to that in two parts. The intent was to jump straight into ggplot2-land, but, as you saw in my previous post, WASM’d ggplot2 is a bear. And, I really didn’t grok what the WebR site docs ... Read More
Screen capture of DevTools showing ggplot2 dependent packages loading.

WebR WASM R Package Load/Library Benchmarking Rabbit Hole

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I have a post coming on using base and {ggplot2} plots in VanillaJS WebR, but after posting some bits on social media regarding how slow {ggplot2} is to deal with, I had some “performance”-related inquiries, which led me down a rabbit hole that I’m, now, dragging y’all down into as ... Read More