Navigating Linux Cybersecurity Complexities

Linux cybersecurity is not without its pitfalls, but help is at hand  The widespread use and open-source nature of Linux have made it a cornerstone of enterprise IT infrastructure. However, this popularity ...

Avoiding Common Linux Configuration Mistakes that Lead to Security Vulnerabilities

The robust security features of Linux make it the preferable choice for many enterprises. However, like any other operating system, security vulnerabilities can occur in Linux due to misconfigurations. These vulnerabilities may ...
GNOME Linux vulnerability

GNOME Libcue Flaw is a Risk to Linux Systems

A flaw in a relatively obscure component of the popular GNOME desktop environment for Linux could allow bad actors to gain control of the system if exploited ...
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Pitfalls of relying on eBPF for security monitoring (and some solutions)

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By Artem Dinaburg eBPF (extended Berkeley Packet Filter) has emerged as the de facto Linux standard for security monitoring and endpoint observability. It is used by technologies such as BPFTrace, Cilium, Pixie, ...
LockBit ransomware

Monti Returns From 2-Month Break with Revamped Ransomware Variant

The Monti ransomware group that emerged in June 2022 used source code, tools, and tactics – not to mention an almost identical name – of the notorious Conti gang as it targeted ...
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APT Group Red Menshen is Rapidly Evolving its BPFDoor Malware

Red Menshen is an APT group that is rapidly evolving its BPFDoor backdoor malware that targets systems running Linux or Solaris ...
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StackRot: Linux Bug so bad Linus Dives Into Code to Fix It

StackRot: Linux Bug so bad Linus Dives Into Code to Fix It

Maple Tree Side Effects: Torvalds feels the pressure, fixes lazy locks ...
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Achieving Zero Trust Network, Application, and Cloud Security with Linux

How can organizations achieve zero trust best practices when using a Linux environment?  As so many organizations increasingly adopt zero trust security models to protect their networks, applications, and cloud environments, Linux ...

13 Essential Linux Security Commands

Basic Linux security commands that all IT security pros should know  Linux, known for its power, flexibility, and security, is a staple in the world of operating systems. We love Linux, like ...

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