All You Need to Know About HIPAA Requirements

Understanding HIPAA compliance is a requirement in developing a healthcare app for the U.S. market When developing a healthcare app, you need to consider data protection. In 1996, the U.S. government enacted ...
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application layer security

Eye on the End User: Application Layer Security

The application layer is where users interact with your apps, so its security should be paramount. Here are a few considerations Securing applications can be a struggle at the best of times ...
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Orca Security

Orca Security Raises $20M to Secure Cloud Platforms

Orca Security has raised an additional $20 million in funding to drive adoption of an approach to discovering cloud security issues without having to deploy agents. Company CEO Avi Shua said the ...
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contact tracing

COVID-19 Contact Tracing: Your Privacy for Your Health?

We continually hear of the need for COVID-19 contact tracing. But what exactly is contact tracing? The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) published guidance on contact tracing during the 2006 Ebola ...
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Why Traditional Security Is Failing Us, Part 2

This is the second part of a two-part series that explores the reasons behind the failure of security technologies to protect companies and their data from emerging threats in the age of ...
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Sign in with Apple

Why Sign in with Apple Is a Good Thing

Mobile app developers who care about security will be excited to implement Sign in with Apple and see how this balance of user experience, privacy and security will propel the industry forward ...
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DevSecOps: The Best Security Strategy in 2020

Moving to a DevSecOps way of development ensures security from day one and reduces the possibility of data breaches later on Too often, developers overlook security testing until the end of the ...
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What Is Sign in with Apple’s Impact on Development?

 With more than 5 billion mobile phones on the market around the globe, mobile security is more important than ever. And the recent announcement from Apple around its Sign in with Apple guidelines ...
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DevOps Chats: Analyzing WhiteHat Security’s DevSecOps Survey Results

WhiteHat Security is one of the pioneers in AppSec. As such, the company was an early advocate for DevSecOps. WhiteHat has been doing annual surveys of the security and developer space for ...
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“This is the New Op Model” – Why State Farm Sponsored ADDO, and the Results

Sonatype is among the many supporters of All Day DevOps (ADDO), the world’s largest conference for DevOps practitioners. Close to 40,000 people attended this year’s 24-hour event -- and 10% of them ...