SOTI report

DevOps Chat: SOTI Report With Akamai’s Martin McKeay

Akamai recently released its latest State of the Internet (SOTI) report, focusing on the financial sector. This SOTI edition, titled “Financial Services Attack Economy,” highlights the vast array of cyberattacks targeted at ...
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DevOps Chat: Cloud-Native AppSec, with Manicode Security

DevOps Chat: Cloud-Native AppSec, with Manicode Security

RSA Asia Pacific & Japan Conference 2019 in Singapore promises exciting and engaging sessions. A likely popular and possibly controversial talk will be “The Future of AppSec is Cloud Native.” Co-presented by ...
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Capsule8 Linux Security

DevOps Chat: DevSecOps and Linux Protection, With Capsule8

Capsule8 is focused on protecting Linux infrastructure whether in the cloud, in containers or even bare metal. The team is made up of industry veterans who understand the problems security pros face, ...
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Software Intelligence, With Dynatrace's Alois Reitbauer

DevOps Chat: Software Intelligence, With Dynatrace’s Alois Reitbauer

Dynatrace is a company that really reinvented itself as it saw the world it played in changing over the last few years. They moved from tracing and APM to what the company ...
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Security Intelligence with Flashpoint's Josh Lefkowitz

DevOps Chat: Security Intelligence with Flashpoint’s Josh Lefkowitz

Flashpoint is a business risk intelligence provider that has been protecting government and private sector assets for a long time. In fact, to paraphrase Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men, “We ...
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Rise of the Cloud-First Architect

DevOps Chat: The Rise of the Cloud-First Architect, with Zscaler’s Chris Hines

As the move to cloud-native accelerates, we are seeing the rise of the cloud-first architect and their impact on DevSecOps, cloud security and more. In this DevOps Chat, we sat down with ...
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Integrate SAST Tools with DevSecOps

DevOps Chat: Forrester Wave Leaders Discuss SCA

Forrester recently released its “Forrester Wave Software Composition Analysis SCA for Q2 2019,” highlighting the leaders in this fast-growing category. We had a chance to sit down with three of the companies ...
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Application Security Management with Sqreen's Pierre Betouin

DevOps Chat: Application Security Management with Sqreen’s Pierre Betouin

Taking the lessons they learned heading Apple’s offensive security team, the Sqreen founding team is moving application security management (ASM) into the mainstream. The company just announced a $14 million series A ...
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Container Security with WhiteSource Software's David Habusha

DevOps Chat: Container Security with WhiteSource Software’s David Habusha

WhiteSource has become a force in the security of open source components in your applications. One would think that it would follow that securing these open source components inside of a container ...
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spear phishing attacks

DevOps Chat: Email Security with Barracuda Networks’ Asaf Cidon

Asaf Cidon is the VP of Email Security at Barracuda Networks. In this DevOps Chat, we sat down with Asaf and spoke about some of the new threats and up-and-coming attack vectors ...
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