route intelligence

DevOps Chats: Route Intelligence From Contrast Security

Contrast Security has released the first “Route Intelligence” functionality in the latest version of its next-generation security platform. In this DevOps Chats, we speak with Contrast’s CTO/co-founder, Jeff Williams, about what route ...
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DevOps Chats: Tufin SecureCloud Secures Hybrid Cloud Environments

Tufin Technologies has announced SecureCloud,  which combines and builds on Tufin’s Orca and Iris offerings to offer one product for comprehensive cloud security policy. In this DevOps Chats, we had a chance ...
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DevOps Chats: Analyzing WhiteHat Security’s DevSecOps Survey Results

WhiteHat Security is one of the pioneers in AppSec. As such, the company was an early advocate for DevSecOps. WhiteHat has been doing annual surveys of the security and developer space for ...
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security developers

DevOps Chats: Security for Developers, With ShiftLeft

DevSecOps has become a real thing over the last few years. The big shift has been making security tools that developers can use. ShiftLeft has been one of the leaders in this ...
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cloud-native security

DevOps Chats: Cloud-Native Apps and Security, With Lacework

In the traditional data center world, security was (or is) very network-centric—firewalls, IDS, network access control, focus on the aggregation of all traffic traversing in, out and across the network. But cloud-native ...
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DevOps Chats: RSAC Innovation 2020, With Cecilia Marinier

DevOps Chats: RSAC Innovation 2020, With Cecilia Marinier

RSA Conference (#RSAC), in addition to being the world’s largest cybersecurity conference, has become the place to see the latest innovation in the world of cyber. The woman who drives the innovation ...
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DevOps Chat: Charting a New DevSecOps Course, With ZeroNorth

ZeroNorth from its founding has been focused on bringing a DevSecOps solution to market that was unique and effective. The company has brought on industry veteran John Worrall as the CEO to ...
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data protection

DevOps Chat: Data Protection in the Cloud, With Druva

As any CIO knows, a data management architecture is essential to caring for one of the organization’s most valuable assets: data. Data management sounds simple but it’s not. Backup and recovery, disaster ...
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application security

DevOps Chat: Decrypting Next Gen TLS, With Nubeva

With claims of internet traffic encryption levels at 95% and cloud communications up to 100%, it’s increasingly difficult to see malicious activities happening on our networks. Encryption is a good thing, of ...
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Security Compass

DevOps Chat: Interactive App Testing, With Synopsys

As the velocity of software creation, testing and deployment increases rapidly, security at the app level is gaining ever more scrutiny. Code vulnerability scanners, automated security test tools and test libraries for ...
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