Plankton - What I thought being a CISO was

What in the World Is a CISO?

Whilst employment has taken a downward curve over the last year or so, there are a variety of approaches I use when applying for a role to help my CV stand out. One key point is knowing what the job entails before submitting my cover letter and CV. This allows ... Read More
A highly simplified list of programme phases.

Five Things Security and Development Teams Should Focus on in 2021

As we say goodbye to 2020 and spend time reflecting on the industry changes, reassess our workflows and procedures in order to identify where 2021 will bring us, it’s a brilliant time to also address our security practices and ways we can bring improvement to those, as well. After considering ... Read More

5 Lessons Learnt from BJJ that Are Applicable to Cybersecurity

Over the last decade, I have focused quite heavily on technology and the cybersecurity space. I’ve been motivated to create a world that is more inclusive and safer. In 2019, I began a bit of a different journey. Whilst still motivated in a security point of view, this time, I ... Read More
2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report Actions in Breaches over time - multi environments

Taking Care of Your Data Responsibilities in a Shared Responsibility Model in the Cloud

“Send it to the cloud” has been the increasingly common response over the years for dealing with the issue of how to handle massive amounts of data.On one side, I understand it. Another infrastructure owned by a third party who has teams dedicated to implementing security by design, continuous testing ... Read More

The Importance of Implementing an Information Security Policy That Everyone Understands

Information security (IS) and/or cybersecurity (cyber) are more than just technical terms. They’re the processes, practices and policy that involve people, services, hardware, and data. In particular, IS covers how people approach situations and whether they are considering the “what if’s” of malicious actors, accidental misuse, etc. I’m not sure ... Read More

Winning with Cyber Threat Intelligence: Taking a More Personal View

In this final article of our trilogy, we investigate how a cyber threat intelligence (CTI) analyst and associated programmes provide insight about physical and cyber threats to your organisation. The value of these insights is reflected in the wins, which come as a result of context building, holistic understanding, and ... Read More