Simple Steps 3

Simple Rules for Smart IAM Solutions. – Part 3: Making Sense of Data, Risk Detection and Intelligently Leveraging It

In part 3 of this series on Simple Rules for Smart IAM Solutions, we will examine the most efficient ways in which we can slice and dice the data collected from the various contexts which will then be used to compute risk of the various users. In my last blog ... Read More
Simple Rules for Smart IAM Part 2

Simple Rules for Smart IAM Solutions. – Part 2: Contexts & The Data Science Behind

Part 2 in a series on understanding how to evaluate IAM solutions - let's dive into contexts and data science! In my last blog we covered the basic rules that can be used to evaluate IAM solutions that leverage User Behavior Analytics (UBA) and Machine Learning to adapt to risk ... Read More
Security analytics

Simple Rules for Smart IAM Solutions

Evaluating IAM solutions can be complex. Understanding how to evaluate security analytics is key to making decisions. In this day and age of Machine Learning (ML), analytics systems can become very complex, very quickly. Having some basic rules and seemingly simple questions to ask will come in handy when evaluating ... Read More
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Getting Over MFA Implementation Hesitation

At Idaptive, we talk a lot about how multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a vital tool in a Zero Trust approach, the most promising strategy to keep an organization safe from breaches. We may even take it for granted that our audiences know exactly what we’re talking about with MFA and ... Read More
Leon's Tech Insight

Kickstarting Your Idaptive MFA Integration With Cortex By Palo Alto Networks

We’ll be in booth # 300F at Ignite19. Please come by our booth for a demo of Intelligent MFA for Cortex. Idaptive’s unique threat intel data ingestion architecture allows us to keep expanding our ecosystem of partners. This rich ecosystem of partners like Palo Alto Networks help us in augmenting ... Read More
Leon's tech insight

Adaptive MFA Using Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

As risk-aware security products powered by machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data technologies emerge and evolve, they will rightfully become part of the standard arsenal for enterprises in the fight against security breaches. In the context of Identity and Access Management, AI can provide security answers traditional solutions cannot ... Read More
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Idaptive Delivers Seamless Access and Automated Account Provisioning to Box

One of the key components of moving to the cloud is the ability to roll out enterprise grade SaaS services to drive business and worker productivity without adding additional access complexity, thus compromising security and compliance goals. Idaptive is pleased to partner with Box, the leader in Content Collaboration Platforms ... Read More