Idaptive Delivers Seamless Access and Automated Account Provisioning to Box

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One of the key components of moving to the cloud is the ability to roll out enterprise grade SaaS services to drive business and worker productivity without adding additional access complexity, thus compromising security and compliance goals.

Idaptive is pleased to partner with Box, the leader in Content Collaboration Platforms (CCP), to deliver a robust identity, access and compliance solution. This allows IT administrators to offer a consistent application access experience across thousands of apps and bespoke provisioning integrations for critical applications such as Box. Cloud based CCPs are being widely adopted for their tools and solutions to drive productivity of workers, teams, and business at large. Let’s take a closer look at some of the security and compliance risks that our customers face as they get ready to embrace Box and how Idaptive helps address those challenges.

One of the challenges for IT and security teams is efficiently managing user provisioning lifecycle management and aligning this with the user and account lifecycle management within Box. IT teams are striving to become more automated in this department and seek agility without compromising security and compliance requirements. Idaptive not only provides secure, single sign-on access to Box but also allows app admins to provision it with the right account details aligned with the employees’ lifecycle within an enterprise/org. From the day an employee starts to the day they depart, Idaptive offers:

  • Seamless management of employees’ access to Box by employing SSO standards such as SAML
  • Automated user provisioning and de-provisioning to Box based on employees’ role memberships
  • Consistent app access and zero sign on experience across the various endpoints (mobile, Windows PC, MAC)

Another challenge that IT and security teams constantly deal with is the different ways each SaaS solution can be managed for access and compliance through their custom management knobs and tools. Box too offers a rich set of options to administrators to gracefully provision and de-provision accounts and also exposes these options to their technology partners via the right interfaces. Idaptive integrates with Box through these interfaces and is able to offer custom options w.r.t Box, which can be centrally managed from Idaptive’s cloud-based admin portal for Box and hundreds of other applications. For example, Idaptive lets admins decide what to do with the data of employees whose accounts are being de-provisioned – whether to delete it or transfer to the account of a delegated user/admin.

Handling unpredictable user behavior and unforeseen situations is another problem that keeps security admins up at night, especially when it comes to critical and sensitive apps such as Box.  Through its machine learning-based risk engine, Idaptive continuously calculates and maintains risk scores for various users logging into the system and offers risk-based access to Box. With this feature turned on, admins can step up authentication mechanisms for risky users trying to access Box by associating more stringent policies with such users. Idaptive also offers rich dashboards, reports and events for visibility and troubleshooting.

In summary, the benefits of deploying Box with Idaptive are as follows:

  • Automatically provision users into box groups from Active Directory based on role membership
  • Adaptive, risk based, MFA policies for access management to Box
  • Time savings via automatically creating, updating or de-activating user accounts in with workflows for managers and approvals
  • Visibility into who has access to which applications and resources, how they received access, and when changes occurred
  • Prevention of unauthorized access by automatically revoking access to all applications and resources in an instant

To learn more about Box + Idaptive integration and configuration help, please visit:

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