Why email needs a zero-trust security model

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Email threats have moved past a content-centric approach (aimed at delivering malicious links and attachments) to more sophisticated gambits. Almost 90% of email attacks manipulate sender identity to fool recipients and initiate social engineering attacks. A comparable percentage are malwareless: They do not contain attachments or files that would ordinarily ... Read More
Why coronavirus scammers can send fake emails from the WHO

Just how bad is the problem with fake sender identity?

For years, secure email gateways have been playing a cat and mouse game with phishers, countering email attacks by constantly scanning for malware, viruses, bad links, and poor sender IP reputations. That has worked reasonably well — until now. Unfortunately, many email attacks are now malwareless, and the attack vector ... Read More

7 common mistakes people make with DMARC

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Interest in DMARC is growing exponentially, but most of the organizations that deploy DMARC don’t actually achieve its full anti-spoofing benefits. Here’s how to overcome the most common DMARC deployment challenges. In our conversations with thousands of prospects and customers, we’ve found that while the interest in DMARC is high, ... Read More

Marketers: Have you talked to your IT team about your email deliverability and open rates? (Hint: You should.)

We all know that the greater your brand presence, the greater your pipeline growth, your digital presence, and ultimately your brand trust with consumers. So what if you could display your company’s logo directly in your customers’ and prospects’ inboxes? Millions of impressions – before the email has even been ... Read More

How dormakaba maintains email security through acquisition after acquisition

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Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) can stimulate growth, provide opportunities to obtain a competitive advantage, increase market share, and even consolidate supply chains to reduce overhead costs. For example, when DORMA and Kaba merged in 2015 to form dormakaba, it allowed the two entities to combine DORMA’s architectural hardware, access controls, ... Read More

Less than 10% of enterprise email domains are protected from spoofing — is yours?

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Flaws in email security are among the leading causes of cybersecurity incidents for many organizations. Whether it’s ransomware, business email compromise (BEC) attacks, or a spear-phishing email that leads to cyber criminals gaining access to sensitive data, email is the common denominator. While there are many types of email attacks, ... Read More

How Yelp took the fast track to spoof-proof email

Even though DMARC at enforcement is incredibly effective at preventing the vast majority of all cyberattacks, adoption rates remain relatively low. And many companies that do implement DMARC continually struggle to reach true enforcement. We hear the same question over and over again from our peers and prospects: If DMARC ... Read More
The decade challenge — Email

The decade challenge — Email

iPads, Amazon Alexa, Slack, Instagram, and Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes. What do all of these things have in common? They didn’t exist at the beginning of this decade. As the year comes to a close, you may have seen your friends and family participating in the “the decade challenge,” where ... Read More
CISOs want measurable results, survey shows

CISOs want measurable results, survey shows

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Enterprises tend to spend a lot on cybersecurity. So you’d think they’d be insisting on — and getting — measurable results. It’s not necessarily so. According to a survey of almost 300 IT security executives conducted by SC Media and research firm C.A. Walker, cybersecurity vendors often fail to articulate ... Read More

Myths and truths of DMARC

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DMARC can be a confusing topic: Points of view vary greatly and there is no shortage of misinformation out there. But there are some recurring themes worth unpacking, because the same myths keep coming up again and again. We’d like to take this opportunity to sort through the truth vs ... Read More