Buran Ransomware Looks To Undercut the Competition

Recent research estimates that ransomware attacks against enterprises have increased year on year by approximately 500%. Given that Cyber Monday and Black Friday are within striking distance, a surge in ransomware infections should be not only expected but also actively defended against. One ransomware variant that can be expected to ... Read More
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Sodinokibi and the Successful Tactics it Uses

Research by security firms places Ryuk and Sodinokibi as two of the prime ransomware threats facing enterprises today. While some reports illustrate ransomware infections across the board, ransom amounts have almost tripled from quarter to quarter for the first half of 2019. Sodinokibi is one of these prime agitators demanding ... Read More
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Maze Ransomware Exploiting Exploit Kits

Cybercrime has never been one to hem in tactics with ideology or rules. Rather, malware operators are known to use what works and then modify code to continue to work. By “work,” we mean that the code does what it is supposed to; for information stealers, the work done will ... Read More
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Muhstik Ransomware: A Hack-Back Story

Since 2010 users have been plagued by nearly uncountable versions of a seemingly uncountable variety of ransomware variants. While tactics have changed, including infection vectors, the goal of ransomware has remained the same: Namely, to render a machine unusable to the victim that they feel obliged to pay the ransom ... Read More
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A Closer Look at the Emotet Banking Trojan

Banking trojans can be one of the most financially damaging pieces of malware to infect computers. Banking trojans are typically seen as any piece of malicious software designed to gain access to confidential information related to the victim’s banking and activities with other financial institutions. They may appear as a ... Read More
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fileless malware

Fileless Malware on the Rise

According to reports analyzing the state of the threat landscape, fileless malware incidents are up to some 265% in the first half of 2019 when compared to the same period in 2018. Fileless malware sometimes has been referred to as a zero-footprint attack or non-malware attack. However, fileless malware may ... Read More
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Dharma ransomware

Dharma Ransomware Continues to Evolve

Since 2016, the Dharma family of ransomware has continued to net its operators ransom after ransom. Its continued effectiveness is due to several factors, from the number of attack vectors used to the ransom amount demanded. The ransomware family is well-known among the InfoSec community but appeared to gain international ... Read More
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Tech support scams

Tech Support Scams and What They Mean

Since 2008, tech support scams have been raking in millions of dollars annually, with victims often paying several hundred dollars in the false belief that the person on the other end is helping them to prevent a far greater danger from infecting their computer. Driven by advances in technology and ... Read More
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Push Notifications

Browser Push Notifications: Useful Feature Exploited by Deceptive Marketers

Pop-ups and browser lockers have given way to irritating and potentially destructive push notifications For many of us, when we hear the word “malware,” the first thing that comes to mind would be visions of emptied bank accounts, encrypted files or webcams turned on to track your every move. The ... Read More
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Crossrider Adware Still Causing Unwanted Mac Browser Redirects

There exists a pervading urban legend that Apple Macs don’t get viruses. Time and again this urban legend is proved to be as factual as all the conspiracy theories that float about online combined. A new variant of the adware Crossrider again proves the urban legend to be nothing more ... Read More
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