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Stacking CDNs for Improved Performance and Security

I recently worked with a client whose large e-commerce site was hosted with a popular cloud-based commerce solution. Its business was growing rapidly into new geographic markets, and it was not satisfied with the embedded content delivery network (eCDN) that was bundled with the cloud solution. We demonstrated that stacking ... Read More

Measuring & Improving Core Web Vitals

Google recently announced a proposed update to its search ranking algorithm: the Page Experience Update. This change, which launches in 2021, includes more performance signals in the ranking algorithm. A subtle but important feature of the update is that AMP will no longer be a requirement for promotion to Top ... Read More

Timers, Metrics, and Dimensions: What’s New in mPulse in 2020

The October 2020 release marks the culmination of a large number of updates to mPulse, Akamai's real user monitoring (RUM) solution: ... Read More