Sam Crowther, Author at Security Boulevard

Beyond Stopping You from Buying Air Jordans, Sneaker Bots are Tying Up the World

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We’ve all heard about the ultra-premium sneakers like Adidas’s Yeezy and Nike’s Air Jordans that sell out within minutes of a drop. But what you probably haven’t thought about is the havoc Sneaker bots are wreaking not only on sneaker companies, but on the entire eCommerce industry. Sneaker bots (aka ... Read More
JavaScript Deobfuscation: Hiding Intent to Fortify Bot Defenses

JavaScript Deobfuscation: Hiding Intent to Fortify Bot Defenses

In the adversarial game of bot detection and mitigation, obfuscation plays a key role in delivering long-term efficacy. While client-side scripts containing highly sensitive detection methods are a necessary component for modern bot mitigation defense platforms - these scripts are delivered and executed inside the attacker’s environment - making them ... Read More
Open Source Automation Frameworks

What is Puppeteer? Why Developers and Fraudsters Love it

Puppeteer: An Automation Framework Built by Google Since its initial V1 release in January 2018, Puppeteer has skyrocketed to become one of the two most popular and ubiquitous automation frameworks. So, what is Puppeteer? And why do people love it? Google designed Puppeteer to provide a simple yet powerful interface ... Read More