Google AI LLM vulnerability

Embrace Generative AI for Security, But Use Caution

Generative AI will be a net positive for security, but with a large caveat: It could make security teams dangerously complacent ... Read More
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ransomware RagnarLocker takedown

External Exposure Management: Key to Safeguarding Your Attack Surface

The number of security threats continues to grow rapidly with each passing year. Security teams work tirelessly to mitigate every alert labeled ‘high priority’—but there are too many, and it’s tough to tell which are true from the false positives. Fact: The average enterprise today identifies 345 new ‘critical’ threats ... Read More
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A 2023 Mantra: Think of Cybersecurity Risk as Business Risk

The line between business risk and cybersecurity risk has been obliterated. Increasingly, companies cannot separate risk models built around financial uncertainty and legal liabilities from IT security risk. For risk management officers, that translates to keeping the company chief security officer on speed dial. Cybersecurity risk as business risk isn’t ... Read More
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Cybersecurity Hygiene—Building Blocks to Protect Your Attack Surface

Cybersecurity breaches or ransomware-induced shutdowns can crush a company. Financial loss. Reputation damage. Legal penalties. Nobody wants to be responsible for any of these, but attacks are on the rise. The average corporate data breach in the U.S. costs $9.44 million, plus regulatory penalties. And attackers are always looking for ... Read More
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