BlackBerry Massively Steps Up Security Efforts to Address Threat Storm

BlackBerry continues to execute on their pivot to become a software, services, and device security firm. This doesn’t mean they don’t still have interesting smartphones, their licensed Key2 phone is arguably one of the most impressive secure phones currently in market. But the company’s focus is on securing the ecosystem ... Read More

The FBI Makes Accidental Argument for Why We Should All Be on Blackberry Phones

This week there was another FBI scandal. This one was on how the FBI massively overinflated the numbers of phones they needed access to in order to “protect the nation.” For some time now, they’ve been arguing that they need to be able to have a “secret key” to breach ... Read More

The One Important Thing You Need to Know about Spectre and Meltdown

There is a lot of information going around about a new security problems with processors (not just Intel’s, well sort of). You see there are two exploits tied to what is being termed Side-Channel Analysis. One that is relatively easy to patch and appears tied to just Intel called Meltdown ... Read More