Microsoft Sets Proper Example With Necurs Botnet Takedown

I like to watch old westerns, and there is a common thread that weaves through them that showcases that the lack of cooperation between the states led to profitable criminal organizations, which made living in the Old West very risky. Criminals could commit crimes in one state, flee across the ... Read More

Hushmesh: Finally Someone Has Figured Out How To Eliminate Passwords

When I joined IBM back in the 1980s, one of the big problems we were dealing with was IDs and passwords, which we listed as the most vulnerable parts of any computer system. Here we are—nearly 40 years later—and they remain the most vulnerable parts of any computer system, and ... Read More

HP Moves to Increase Desktop and Printer Security Lead with Bromium

HP just announced the acquisition of Bromium, a unique small security company. I must admit the name “Bromium” kind of sounds like something you’d take if you had a stomach problem, but given a breach could make an IT manager sick to their stomach it isn’t a bad name. Back ... Read More

HP Labs Bristol: Why HP Leads On PC Security

I spent much of this week at HP’s Labs in Bristol England and this site, focused on security, is largely why the firm currently has the strongest security on their business class notebooks and business printers. I want much of this effort to eventually migrate to their consumer products where ... Read More

BlackBerry’s AI Intelligent Security Has Broad Implications

I’ve been working in and out of security and law enforcement for much of my life. The biggest exposures I’ve run into and the easiest ways through security have always been through the employee. Whether it was a disgruntled employee acting badly, a successful phishing or spear phishing attack, ransomware, ... Read More

BlackBerry Moves to Strengthen Ties with the US Government (Thank God)

BlackBerry has successfully transitioned from being a smartphone vendor to something very different. They still have the leading operating system for automobiles and nuclear power plants (QNX), which is arguably (and has to be) the most secure in segment. The have a variety of mobile management and security solutions, and ... Read More

BlackBerry, Cisco, and Microsoft Move Aggressively to Protect Trust and Privacy

This month must be “Get Serious Month” for BlackBerry, Cisco, and Microsoft, because two of these firms’ CEOs came out personally very strongly on privacy and the third—Cisco—released a powerful study that points dramatically to the need for privacy protection and the negative impacts on companies that have been unable ... Read More

BlackBerry Massively Steps Up Security Efforts to Address Threat Storm

BlackBerry continues to execute on their pivot to become a software, services, and device security firm. This doesn’t mean they don’t still have interesting smartphones, their licensed Key2 phone is arguably one of the most impressive secure phones currently in market. But the company’s focus is on securing the ecosystem ... Read More

The FBI Makes Accidental Argument for Why We Should All Be on Blackberry Phones

This week there was another FBI scandal. This one was on how the FBI massively overinflated the numbers of phones they needed access to in order to “protect the nation.” For some time now, they’ve been arguing that they need to be able to have a “secret key” to breach ... Read More