Ransomware Attempt Volume Sets A New Record

An article published in ZDNet has cited a report prepared by a cyber security firm that says that ransomware attempt volume saw a major rise in the first half of 2021 itself. The report has mentioned that the ransomware attempt volume rose up to an unbelievable figure of 304.7 million ... Read More

Wiper Malware Threat Looms Over Tokyo Olympics

Did you know that according to recent research by a famous Japanese Security Firm, it has been discovered that the computer systems in Japan are being attacked by destructive wiper malware? As a matter of shock, this was discovered 2 days before the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics 2021.  ... Read More

CERT-In and Its Role in Securing India’s Cyber Space

CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) is a team that consists of information security experts who are responsible for providing protection against cyber security threats. In addition to this, the team of experts is also given the responsibility of detecting and responding to cyber attacks. Every country has a CERT. The ... Read More

Directives Issued After US Pipeline Ransomware Attack

In the wake of the terrible ransomware attack that targeted one of the most important fuel pipelines of the US, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has mandated additional cyber security measures. This is the second security directive issued by the DHS for the protection of critical pipelines that carry ... Read More

Pegasus Spyware Targets Activists and Journalists

In a shocking revelation, a spyware attack has been found to target human rights activists and journalists across the world. Pegasus spyware, as it has been called, was discovered through a global collaborative investigation. The investigation included The Guardian, Le Monde, Washington Post, and 14 other media powerhouses.  Pegasus Spyware: ... Read More

75,000+ Customers Affected in CNA Ransomware Attack

The CNA ransomware attack that made the news in March this year has an extension to the story. The insurance giant revealed that the organization suffered a data breach following the ransomware attack.  The American insurance major has recently disclosed that data of over 75,000 of its customers has been ... Read More

DMARC Industry Report 2020-2021

In an attempt to provide better insights to our readers about what DMARC is and how its implementation can help in securing an organization’s outbound email channels, KDMARC has released its 2020-2021 DMARC Industry Report. DMARC Report The DMARC Industry Report 2020-2021 focuses on the benefits of DMARC implementation and ... Read More

UK Residents Lost Over £1 Billion Due to Cyber Crimes in 2021

Money.co.uk’s Quarterly Fraud and Cyber Crime Report reveals that UK residents have lost over £1 Billion due to a huge rise in fraud and cyber crimes in the first 6 months of 2021.  According to the report, around 81,018 fraud and cyber crime police reports were issued in Q2 of ... Read More
Chinese Hackers Target the Afghan Government

Chinese Hackers Target the Afghan Government

It has come to light that Chinese hackers are carrying out cyber attacks on the Afghan government as a part of an espionage campaign. Cyber security researchers believe that this campaign might have started in the year 2014. According to an article by The Hacker News, research into this matter ... Read More

Ransomware Strikes French Connection This Time

According to The Register, popular fashion brand French Connection or as widely known FCUK has been struck by the REvil ransomware group. The strike has resulted in a breach of internal data which was caused due to ransomware attack. The REvil attackers, who are believed to have launched this attack, ... Read More