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EH-Net - Los - The Evaluation: Stage 4 – Determining the Outcome

The Evaluation: Stage 4 – Determining the Outcome

Wrapping up this series on evaluating technologies and services is actually fairly simple. Determining the outcome of an evaluation is, in fact, mechanical. That is to say, that you shouldn’t have any emotion or subjectivity in your determination of the outcome. When I think back at all the evals I’ve ... Read More
EH-Net - Los - The Evaluation: Stage 3 - Execution of Testing

The Evaluation: Stage 3 – Execution of Testing

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Welcome back. In the last few articles we discussed how to set up an evaluation that’s both defensible & provides value to your immediate needs, and, maybe, more clearly defined what good pizza is. In this edition, I’ll address the importance of the process of the execution of testing. We’ve ... Read More
The Remarkable Way We Eat Pizza - Numberphile

The Evaluation: Stage 2 – Definition of Success Criteria

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If you’ve read along so far, we’ve summarized the process of evaluating and choosing something new. We then helped you to define a specific problem to be solved. Whether you need a specific niche new tool for the toolbox, or are replacing some software completely across your organization, evaluations are ... Read More
EH-Net - Los - Evaluation Stage 1 - Definition of the Problem

The Evaluation: Stage 1 – Definition of the Problem to be Solved

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I need a better pen. That statement may mean something dramatically different depending on who just said the words. In some cases, like with me, it means I want more consistent ink and a body that fits comfortably in my hand for longer periods of time. To you that may ... Read More
EH-Net - Los - Failure Without Consequences for Equifax

Failure without Consequences after Breach

What we learned this week from the news is that, even after that catastrophic breach that Equifax had where the credit histories and records of over 145 million Americans were exposed to attackers, the entire board was re-elected. Let’s sharpen that a bit – they were re-elected by shareholders after ... Read More