Mike East, VP EMEA, Author at Security Boulevard

No White Flags—the Value of Cyber Innovation at Speed and Scale

The first ‘till-less’ Amazon Fresh store opened in London recently. Download a QR code, shop and leave with everything being charged directly to your Amazon account. Is this something that we have all been dying to do? Perhaps not today, but what it demonstrates is Amazon’s commitment to reducing friction ... Read More

Building resilience for Government and Defence organisations in 2021

The past 12 months have been a challenging year for security professionals everywhere. But in particular for government and defence organisations battling the growing intensity and sophistication of cyber threats in a year heavily influenced by the pandemic, leaving many battered and bruised ... Read More

It’s Isolation, Tim, but Not As We Know It!

About three weeks into lockdown in the UK, I was out for my evening walk reflecting on how different the world had become in a very short space of time. Having spent the majority of my career as a home-based employee, being forced to work remotely didn’t change how I ... Read More