Understanding the Cybersecurity Risks Confronting Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Organisations

When was the last time you purchased a product that was in a container? If you are a typical consumer, you probably have done so in the last few days. There is an entire industry that focuses on these containers. Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) is an industry term for merchandise that is ... Read More

Why Is It Important to Invest in OT Cybersecurity for 2022?

As we enter 2022, it’s important that organizations invest in cybersecurity for their operational technology (OT) systems. Why? One of the reasons is that Industry 4.0 can sometimes introduce more risk for OT. This is evident in several Industry 4.0 market trends. For example, there’s digital twin infrastructure. That’s where ... Read More

Achieving Automated TISAX Compliance

Digital attackers are increasingly targeting the automotive industry. In its 2020 Automotive Cybersecurity Report, for instance, Upstream found that the number of annual automotive cybersecurity incidents had increased by 605% since 2016, with the number of incidents has doubled in 2019 alone. More than half (57%) of those security incidents ... Read More

Key OT Cybersecurity Challenges: Availability, Integrity and Confidentiality

Organisations are still underestimating the risks created by insufficiently secured operational technology (OT). One current example comes from Germany. According to a report by heise.de, external security testers consider it “likely” that a successful serious cyberattack against the publicly owned water company Berliner Wasserbetriebe could lead to a complete failure ... Read More

Is Cybersecurity Smart Enough to Protect Automated Buildings?

Hacked air conditioning and plummeting elevators? Imagine that you are in an elevator in a high rise building when suddenly the elevator starts to plummet with no apparent stopping mechanism other than the concrete foundation below.  While this may sound like something from a Hollywood movie, consider the idea that ... Read More