GigaOm Recognizes DTEX as the Only Outperforming Leader in 2022 Data Loss Prevention Radar Report

There is nothing more gratifying in a crowded market filled with good technology, built by smart people, than to be recognized as a ‘Leader.’ And thus far in 2022, on the heels of a great, 2021, we are continuing to be recognized as an innovative, human-focused data science organization who is driving the evolution of data protection, insider risk and behavioral analytics technology.

The latest instance of this recognition comes from GigaOm, a well-known technology-focused research organization whose mission is to “democratize access to strategic, engineering-led technology research.” As they do each year, they’ve just published their latest report, GigaOm’s 2022 Radar Report for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and we’re proud to say DTEX InTERCEPT for Behavioral Data Loss Prevention was recognized as the only “outperforming” solution in the market leader category.

“DTEX maintains its position as an Innovative Feature-Play Leader, but has changed from a Fast Mover to an Outperformer due to its increasing innovation and willingness to build a better understanding of threats, as demonstrated by its relationship with MITRE.”


Your Father’s DLP Doesn’t Work Anymore

Protecting sensitive data has historically meant focusing on tagging the data and building rules around actions that each set of users could take with each category of data. As digital transformation of organizations, applications, and data centers has increased—coupled with the adoption of work-from-anywhere policies—the threat space has changed.

As noted by GigaOm, the way organizations think about DLP needs to change too, including, “the growing difficulty of using traditional DLP approaches to solve modern challenges.” To address these challenges, “ DLP tools must be risk- and threat-aware, and that awareness must include the risk and threat posed by those inside the enterprise security domain.”

We have been talking about threat analytics since 2016 as a core capability of DTEX InTERCEPT. Simply blocking actions based on rules produces false positives that frustrate SOC teams and users. The key to InTERCEPT’s effectiveness is understanding and contextualizing user intent: understanding the Who, What, When, Where and How related to any potential data loss, insider threat, or compromised account scenario. After analysis and scoring, actionable information is then, “presented via an impressive dashboard that gives security teams the relevant threat information to make quick decisions on any specific risk.”

GigaOm also recognizes the investment we continue to make in extending and refining our threat and behavioral analytics, including our public-private partnership with MITRE focused on “how best to deal with data security threats as they evolve and how threats have changed in response to evolving enterprise operational environments, especially the growth of remote working.”

Recognizing DTEX InTERCEPT’s Advancements

GigaOm rated InTERCEPT as “Exceptional: Outstanding focus and execution” for five key criteria:

  1. Deployment Location Flexibility
  2. Contextual Awareness
  3. Integration with Service Desk and SIEM Tools
  4. Breadth of Endpoints
  5. Reporting and Analytics

In the evaluation metrics, DTEX was rated Exceptional for Ease of Management, Ease of Adoptions, and Breadth of Protection.

A Privacy-first Approach

We have written extensively about the importance of protecting users’ privacy. That’s why we designed InTERCEPT with a privacy-first approach that uses data minimization and pseudonymization techniques to mask users’ identities.

Without due cause, no user activity or behavioral data is available to users or administrators—even those with elevated privileges. As GigaOm points out, this also removes “the risk of inherent bias.” When observed indicators of malicious intent warrant unmasking of personal identities—with a clear, evidentiary quality audit trail—it requires “dual authorization.” Two DTEX administrators (typically one from security and one from HR or legal) must agree to the unmasking and provide justification.

Assuming Leadership in a Consolidating Market

As was noted at the beginning of this post, GigaOm’s recognition of our DTEX InTERCEPT Workforce Cyber Security Platform in its 2022 Radar Report for DLP is the latest in a string of recent analyst advisory research reports acknowledging our thought-leadership and technology innovation. Last month, Gartner recognized DTEX InTERCEPT in its 2022 Market Guide for Data Loss Prevention for our success bringing together the capabilities of insider risk management, UEBA and human-centric DLP blocking capabilities. Likewise, Gartner recognized DTEX InTERCEPT in its Market Guide for Insider Risk Management published earlier this year. And before that, GigaOm saw it important to recognize DTEX InTERCEPT as the highest scoring UEBA vendor in its 2022 Radar Report for UEBA.

Thank you to all our customers and partners for your ongoing support.  These continuing recognitions are due in large part to your belief in our vision and our innovation.

Read the full GigaOm 2022 Radar Report for data loss prevention here, including an overview of all available solutions for DLP.

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