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Survey Says: So Long Grey Skies – Telecoms 2018 Outlook

Nominum, a part of Akamai, recently partnered with to survey over 1,500 telecom professionals to get a sense of their concerns, initiatives and expectations for 2018. The findings are captured in the report Annual Industry Survey 2017 ... Read More

How do I know if I’m Secure?

Remember those commercials for excessive cell phone roaming coverage? The ones with clever skits highlighting the end user having no idea that their phone had crossed an invisible border and switched from primary to roaming coverage? Immediately incurring increased costs ... Read More

Will Subscribers Pay for Security?

Carriers see security as a vital component of their five-year strategies and expect to increase spending on security in 2018 according to the Annual Industry Survey 2017. Is security a good business opportunity for Carriers? ... Read More
Secure by Design

Secure by Design

Carriers providing value-added services need to protect both their network infrastructure and their end-customers from internet threats. New threats are constantly emerging but remodeling your security architecture to address each new threat may leave gaps in your security coverage. Bolting-on ... Read More