How do I know if I’m Secure?

JKK BLOG.pngRemember those commercials for excessive cell phone roaming coverage?  The ones with clever skits highlighting the end user having no idea that their phone had crossed an invisible border and switched from primary to roaming coverage?  Immediately incurring increased costs for calling, texting and data usage that only become visible when you receive your monthly bill? 

Unfortunately, there is a security version of the roaming scenario where your security protection decreases without warning as your internet connection changes from fixed to mobile to Wi-Fi networks.  Or you use the same service across different devices.  You may be protected when access your financial institution from a laptop, mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer but not from your point of sale system. Same query different security.

Akamai has good news for carriers who want to protect all connected devices across fixed, mobile and Wi-Fi networks.  Our solutions are built on DNS.  Internet connections start with DNS.  On a provider network with Akamai cross-device, cross-network protection, protection is always in place.

Carriers who choose DNS Infrastructure solutions and Security and Personalization Services from Akamai provide a cross-device, cross-network architecture that is secure by design.

To learn more, see the security section of the Annual Industry Survey 2017. You can access and read the full report here.

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