PCI DSS Compliance Flagged as Major Concern in Verizon Business Report

There was much anticipation from those within the finance and security industries to learn about the key findings from the Verizon 2020 Payment Security Report. Why? Because it highlights the key trends and insights on data security compliance and data protection from the previous 12 months, providing a good indication ... Read More
How to Start a Data Security Project? | comforte AG

How to Get your Data-Centric Security Project off the Ground

Data security is no longer a tick-box exercise that can be nonchalantly looked at. It has become a requirement for enterprises of all sizes, especially concerning the many demands of modern regulations and rising customer expectations. The notion of suffering a cyberattack has now moved from ‘if’ to ‘when’ and ... Read More

Experts Discuss: Where Data Security and Data Privacy Meet

A few weeks ago, comforte AG hosted an online webinar featuring Forrester. The focus of that presentation was the intersection point between data privacy and data security. The overall goal was to emphasize the impact on businesses large and small and how to put data security into practice. The webinar ... Read More

5 Steps to Protect Sensitive Data

Companies are investing more and more in data protection. Compliance rules and regulations require organizations to develop sound security strategies in order to protect their valuable data assets and data privacy ... Read More

Breach Prevention is so 2010: Now is the Time to Protect Data Itself

The trend towards digital transformation means companies are using and monetizing data more and more. Today, there is not only more data, data is also far more valuable due to the constant emergence of new ways to share, analyze, and ultimately derive value from it. Companies are using data in ... Read More

6 Things Every Big Data Security Solution Needs

As data-centric security gain mainstream recognition for its ability to protect sensitive data from theft and malicious use, enterprises are faced with choosing a solution from an increasing array of options. However, not all solutions that claim to be data-centric are designed for the demands of a big data analytics ... Read More

Rogue Staff Member at Leading Cybersecurity Company Leaks Customer Data

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It's always an unfortunate occurrence when a company gets hit by a cyberattack. When a cybersecurity company gets breached, then the alarm bells should certainly start to ring ... Read More

Big Data Security Series Part 3: How to Run Analytics on Protected Data

In the past two posts we discussed how data is everywhere, but security isn’t and we explored the reasons why it’s so tough to protect BDA environments. So how can we protect data in these complex environments and be compliant? How can we use the data beautifully when we have ... Read More

Big Data Security Series Part 1: Data is Everywhere but Security isn’t

Since time immemorial, data has been the key to success. Traders who understood their customers’ needs and emotions could sell more goods at a higher price. Craftsmen who understood what their customers wanted were able to sell more products, and kings who knew their enemies’ secrets were able to win ... Read More