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Software Supply Chain Attacks: Clear and Present Danger

More than a year after the SolarWinds Sunburst attack and most companies are still exposed to software supply chain attacks. In a study conducted by Argon Security at Aqua Security, it was found that the majority of companies didn’t implement software supply chain security measures and that most organizations are ... Read More
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Supply Chain Attacks and Cyberinsurance

The rise in sophisticated supply chain cyberattacks doesn’t just affect enterprises; there are also impacts on the insurance industry and on enterprises’ cyberinsurance costs. What is a software supply chain attack? Software supply chain attacks are cyberattacks against an organization’s software supply chain infrastructure and process. In such attacks, the ... Read More
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Proliferation of DevOps Tools Introduces Risk

One of the main contributors to the weak security posture of development environments is the complexity and knowledge gap created by the number of tools and services involved in this process. With more than a hundred CI/CD tools to choose from and hundreds of plugins and services connected to those ... Read More
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Lessons in Securing Development Environments

The new world of software development is inherently collaborative — development teams are geographically dispersed and require easily accessible and automated tools to ship products and features quicker with confidence. The new generation of development and cloud-based tools now enables previously siloed teams to share easily and work together seamlessly, ... Read More
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Securing Dev Environments is Security Leaders’ Top Concern

Today, CI/CD pipelines form the backbone of modern DevOps operations. Over the past few years, the software development industry has pivoted to a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) process that offers application developers a faster and more automated way to develop, build, test and deploy new software. But these ... Read More
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