SDP: The Paradigm Shift in Network Security You Can’t Ignore

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In its heyday, the virtual private network (VPN) commanded immense respect as a groundbreaking leap forward in IT security, establishing an invincible perimeter for protecting confidential data. But that was almost 30 years ago in the mid-19902 (precisely 1996, in fact), when VPNs emerged onto the scene. As time has ... Read More
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Why VPNs and Passwords Aren’t Enough

Sometimes it’s the littlest things that can make the biggest difference. Take passwords, for instance. While few would argue against the necessity of choosing a strong password, many companies and employees continue to ignore best practices in password creation—or perhaps they are simply unaware of what this requires. Instead, people ... Read More
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RasPi and SDP: Ensuring Impenetrable Perimeters in a Perimeterless World

Since its introduction, the lightweight yet effective credit card-sized Raspberry Pi (RasPi) computer has grown steadily in global popularity. This is because the RasPi offers an easy-to-learn (it originated as an educational tool), easy-to-use and versatile compute platform that is also very low cost to buy and maintain. This makes ... Read More
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Software-Defined Perimeter: Moving Beyond Traditional VPNs

Information and applications are moving into the cloud at breakneck speed to support the accessibility requirements of today’s increasingly decentralized enterprise—whether it is a commercial, nonprofit or government agency. Workforces are spread out geographically, accessing data from their laptop or favorite smart device. And, customers are located in all corners ... Read More
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