Continuous Delivery For All

Jez Humble’s (@jezhumble) career has spanned roles through coding, infrastructure, and product development across three continents and organizations of varying sizes. To say he knows a lot about continuous delivery is a total understatement. In 2010, he and Dave Farley literally wrote the book on Continuous Delivery — and if you have ... Read More

Sonatype Partners with All Day DevOps to Deliver the Largest DevOps Conference for 36,000

Four years ago, my colleague Mark Miller and I founded the All Day DevOps conference with seven friends from around the community. We planned the conference in 90 days and expected 1,000 folks to show up to listen to the 57 speakers we had vetted for the agenda. As it ... Read More

Make Sure to Cover Your Auth

Today dev, ops, and security -- all three silos -- are working in synergy in top-performing DevOps organizations - what we know as DevSecOps.Aditya Balapure (@adityabalapure) is an infosec specialist at Haven. He was at GrubHub when he spoke at the All Day DevOps conference. He emphasized the importance of ... Read More

DevSecOps for a Dollar or Less

Anyone who grew up with siblings knows the phrase, "There is a wall here!!!!!" Of course, there wasn’t a physical wall, but an imaginary border that separated you and protected your space. In software development, walls aren’t helpful. We don’t need to protect our space (although sometimes we might feel ... Read More

Advancing Application Delivery

Are you in an organization implementing Continuous Delivery? Are you a manager who wants to see your applications respond at the pace of the market - or better, be in front of the market? Do you envision a world where updates are available to customers at the push of a ... Read More

Improving DevSecOps at the GSA

The U.S. General Services Administration has a number of roles in the U.S. government. For instance, the GSA is the world’s largest landlord. It administers all of the civilian federal government buildings. Lesser known is GSA's stated mission: “Improve the way federal agencies buy, build and use technology. We will ... Read More

DevSecOps & Chaos Engineering: Knowing the Unknown

Engineered chaos - is that an oxymoron? Not really. By creating chaos in your software development environments you help build more stable and secure systems. Why is this valuable and how can you do it? Aaron Rinehart (@aaronrinehart) dives into what chaos engineering is, why you need it, and how ... Read More

DevOps-as-a-Service: Overcoming Challenges in Large Organizations

DevOps transformation can require a major shift in organizational culture and “the way things are done.” This can be difficult in any organization, but gets incrementally more difficult as the size of the organization grows. When you get to the size of the U.S. government, implementing DevOps can be seemingly ... Read More

KubeSecOps: Kubernetes Security Practices You Should Follow

Where do you use containers? Organizations started using containers in development and test environments. Over the past couple of years, confidence has grown and we are seeing significant container growth in production environments. Organizations are adopting containers across the software development lifecycle. Of course, this begs the question - how ... Read More