Fortinet Reports Massive Increase in Ransomware Variants

Cybersecurity Outlook for 2022: Emerging Threats

As we move into 2022, we’re finding that many of the cybersecurity challenges that emerged with the pandemic still remain. Some have been directly related to the ongoing pandemic while others have evolved independently. The good news is that today’s organizations are increasingly focused on building a strong cybersecurity culture ... Read More
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digital economy

Predictions 2020: IoT and Digital Transformation

Here are DigiCert’s predictions for cybersecurity in 2020, including those around digital transformation and IoT. Three things are almost certain this time of year.  First, you’ll be tempted by all flavors of festive treats. Second, you’ll wish holiday greetings to family, friends, customers, teammates and partners so often that you ... Read More
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SlashNext ransomware phishing attack

Phishing Increasingly Targets SaaS, Webmail

How can companies protect their sensitive data and prevent employees from falling prey to phishing attacks? In today’s digital age, virtually every organization must wage a cybersecurity battle to protect its data. Winning this battle requires engaging security experts, securing assets, strengthening authentication and educating users. According to the Anti-Phishing ... Read More
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