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Modern Cybersecurity Problems Need Next-Gen PAM Solutions

The digital landscape continues evolving with no signs of slowing down. As the volume and severity of cyberattacks intensify, IT and security leaders need effective, user-friendly solutions to help secure their privileged credentials, accounts and sessions. However, while privileged credentials remain some of the highest-value targets for cybercriminals, the cybersecurity ... Read More
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How Cybersecurity Awareness Shifted in 2021

The meaning of “cybersecurity awareness” changed in some pretty meaningful ways in 2021. Comprehensive employee security awareness training helps organizations to reduce risky behaviors, build a security-first internal culture and prevent cyberattacks. But what does “security awareness” mean? There were some significant ways in which cybersecurity awareness changed in 2021 ... Read More
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Biometrics Don’t Replace Mobile Password Security

Biometrics are a complement to good password security practices, not a replacement for them People used to be suspicious of the notion of having their facial recognition, fingerprints or other biometric data “on file” somewhere. Not anymore. Pretty much everyone uses their fingerprint to log into both their phone and ... Read More
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