Zero Trust and Next-Gen Access

Next-Gen Access and Zero Trust are the PB&J of Security

Next-Gen Access is the perfect technological partner to a Zero Trust approach because its sole purpose is to reduce friction, add efficiency and increase capabilities. I recently wrote about how to deal with old technologies when a company is switching to a new security philosophy (tl;dr: Don’t just rip and ... Read More
Zero Trust 7

Marrying New and Existing Technologies With the Zero Trust Approach

Adopting Zero Trust doesn’t mean throwing away existing technologies. Adding new technology is easier said than done. When planning new strategies, IT leaders are often faced with the modern-day version of the old idiom, “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.” Only the “baby” in this scenario can sometimes ... Read More
FaceApp old Leon

FaceApp Warns Us Once Again: Always Read the TOS

Even Leon understands the appeal of FaceApp. If you’ve been anywhere near the internet the past two weeks, you’ve most likely heard about FaceApp. The cute little app that lets people see an AI-generated peek at their future selves became a viral sensation over the last couple of weeks, creating ... Read More
Billy Joel - New York State Of Mind

Upping the Security Ante: How to Get Teams’ Buy-in for Zero Trust

The switch to Zero Trust doesn’t happen overnight, so how do you bring every stakeholder to the table and get everyone on board? No one likes change. As technology and security practitioners, we’re hardwired to expect everyone to embrace shiny, new technologies and services, and rush to give them a ... Read More
Zero Trust

Protect, Detect, Deter, Respond is Not a Security Strategy

Protect enterprises from data breaches by evolving from a traditional perimeter defense to a Zero Trust approach. The last few weeks haven’t been kind to cybersecurity. From the healthcare organizations tasked with handling our most sensitive patient records to startups that are supposed to be the vanguard of tech and ... Read More
Artificial Intelligence

The Future of Cybersecurity is Artificial: Intelligence Will Transform Enterprise Governance

Over the past several weeks, I’ve explained how to verify every user and then validate their devices as part of a Zero Trust approach to cybersecurity. Now, it’s time to tie everything together with the final ingredient of the Zero Trust formula: intelligently limiting user access. What do we mean ... Read More
Zero Trust Validate Devices

Passwords are Just One Piece of the Cybersecurity Puzzle

To achieve Zero Trust security, “never trust, always verify” must extend beyond users to their devices as well. In a previous post, I described the importance of the first step in Zero Trust — the verifying of every user who logs in. Once you verified that people are who they ... Read More
Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome: Why You Can’t Separate the ‘Good Guys’ from the ‘Bad Guys’

Last week, I shared some thoughts around how the former king of cybersecurity, the strong perimeter defense, had been dethroned. Adoption of the cloud and mobile has blown open too many holes in traditional firewalls, and resources (data, applications, infrastructure, devices) are becoming increasingly hybrid or even located outside of ... Read More
Castle walls

Like the Night King, Perimeter Defense is Dead

If you’ve been following the return of Game of Thrones (warning: show spoilers ahead) then you know winter has arrived. Last season, on the back of some serious firepower in the form of an undead Dragon, the White Walkers finally breached the Great Wall and descended upon the seven kingdoms ... Read More
Get Your Head Out Of The Clouds

Get Your Head Out of the Clouds. Embrace a Hybrid Approach to Identity.

While Digital transformation is an imperative for enterprises, it can be a challenging headache for IT teams. To the chagrin of technology professionals, there’s simply not a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to digital initiatives. If only it could be that easy! In particular, moving to the cloud has proven ... Read More