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Why Hackers Love the Pandemic

The novel coronavirus pandemic has been a boon for cybercriminals seeking profit amid chaos. Tanium’s special report of 1,000 chief executives and VPs revealed that 90% of enterprises surveyed experienced an increase in cyberattacks due to the pandemic and nearly all (98%) of CXOs and VPs incurred security challenges within ... Read More
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What New Cybersecurity Legislation Doesn’t Include

Cybersecurity legislation needs to include ways to improve IT hygiene and visibility, the collective root of the cybersecurity problem Cybersecurity challenges aren’t slowing down. Government websites have been hacked and kicked offline by ransomware; dozens of United Nations servers were breached earlier this year. The extent of these attacks—how much ... Read More
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To Reduce Cyber Risk, Strive for SecOps

SecOps teams must come together from day one to maintain performance and security within their organizations Last year, the average business lost $13 million to cybercrime, which is 12% more than in 2017 and 72% more than in 2014. When Tanium recently asked IT decision-makers how they planned to reduce ... Read More
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