Arun Gandhi, Author at Security Boulevard

The Three Little Pigs is NOT a Fairy Tale

Organizations need Five Nine’s of Accuracy in Data Discovery and Classification for Privacy, Security, Data Governance, and Compliance The Three Little Pigs is a story we all have heard of, and was one of my favorite childhood stories about the three pigs who build their houses of different materials. And we ... Read More

Tokenization — Is it the Right Strategy to Protect Your PII?

If you’re old enough, can you remember back to those endless days spent stuffing tokens into Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter 2 at the arcade?   Instead of money, arcades use tokens in their place, with the intention of keeping otherwise bored kids hooked, while reducing the chances of employees pocketing ... Read More

Demystifying Proposition 24 (CPRA/CCPA 2.0)

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A casual conversation with Zak Rubinstein (Founder & CEO of®) and Odia Kagan (Partner and Chair of GDPR Compliance & International Privacy at Fox Rothschild LLP) turned into a mentoring session In the attempt to strengthen consumer privacy protection, Californian voters approved the ballot measure for California Privacy Rights ... Read More