New sophisticated bots are outsmarting your traditional bot management solution

| | Bots, threats
If you have an online business presence, then this will come as no surprise: bots are bad for business. In fact, 89 percent of all businesses have suffered some form of bot attack. And the current generation of bots are so highly sophisticated and skilled at evading bot detection that ... Read More

Macy’s is the latest victim of Magecart — don’t be next!

| | security
With Black Friday looming and the opening of the holiday shopping season at our doorstep, U.S. department store chain Macy’s announced earlier this week that some of its customers’ online payment information was skimmed in another Magecart web skimming attack ... Read More

Instart October 2019 product release

| | Product
Instart released a great set of capabilities over the last few months that enable even better protection for your apps, customers, and brand ... Read More

Stop Magecart: Defense against the dark arts of web skimming attacks

| | security
Halloween is upon us, bringing with it ghosts, wizards, curses, and other dark creatures. It’s a good reminder to organizations to make web security choices that will scare away the latest threat haunting websites — Magecart. The web skimming attacks carried out by the cybercrime syndicate known as Magecart has ... Read More

Why Instart is more effective than other bot management solutions

| | Product
Web apps face evolving threats that include attacks from all types of automated bots. Bot automation continues to advance at an alarming pace, even outpacing most traditional detection and blocking technologies. A new approach is needed to accurately detect and block the most sophisticated automation seen today. Instart’s client-side, fact-based ... Read More

The future of web security is in the cloud

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Would you buy a house missing 40 percent of its roof, or board a boat with a hole in the bottom? Of course not. Unfortunately, organizations relying on a hardware stack to secure their web presence are as vulnerable to disaster as a homeowner with a missing roof. That’s why ... Read More

4 web security challenges you need to address

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Is your company prepared to defend against the most common web security threats? Cyberattacks are the fastest-growing global crime and there is a 32 percent chance your company will experience a material data breach in the next 24 months ... Read More

Why your legacy CDN doesn’t meet the needs of your modern website

| | performance
Years ago, when Internet Explorer was king and most people browsed the web via a wired desktop device, content delivery networks (CDNs) helped businesses accelerate content delivery by overcoming middle mile latency and routing issues. By caching static content assets and serving them from servers closer to the user, CDNs ... Read More