Instart October 2019 product release

Instart released a great set of capabilities over the last few months that enable even better protection for your apps, customers, and brand. 

Instart Web Skimming Protection

New reporting and analytics

Web Skimming Protection now gives you insight into exactly what attempts are being made to skim sensitive data from your website’s form fields and cookies from within the browser. In the Analytics view, customers can now see exactly how many times unauthorized JavaScript attempted to read or write to form fields or cookies, as well as how many times Instart prevented a script from reading or writing to a field or cookie. This report can be filtered by page domain where the skimming took place, the script domain, or the script path of the resource that attempted to skim information. This also gives your security teams valuable insights on how many scripts are out of policy and how often web skimming attack attempts occurred during a set period of time. 

Rule builder refinements

Web Skimming Protection is even easier to configure with the addition of rulesets. Rulesets allow security teams to specify parent conditions that a set of rules will inherit, such as location, browser, or path, so that individual rules can be created faster. Child rules within the ruleset will automatically inherit the parent conditions, allowing for better grouping and simplified management of policies. Instart has also created unique rule types for form field protection and cookie protection rules to make things even simpler. 

Instart Bot Management and Web Application Firewall

Events screen enhancements

Instart has improved the out-of-the-box reporting capability of Bot Management and Web Application Firewall. Customers will now see a time series graph of all the security events generated, which are broken down by rule type and organized by rule action. For example, you can now view all of your WAF blocking rules, Bot Management warning rules, and custom rate limit rules organized into hourly buckets each day. This new set of enhancements increases  your security team’s ability to understand at a high level how Instart security products are operating. 


Performance enhancements

The Nanovisor continues to take advantage of the latest performance techniques and optimizations, and this month, we are proud to announce a substantial reduction in the size of Nanovisor, as well as improvements to its asynchronous loading. These two improvements result in much faster Time to First Byte (TTFB) and page load times for Instart customers. 

Instart Zero Trust Access

Zero Trust Access, which was officially announced last month, is in beta and looking for new customers to join. You can read more about Zero Trust Access here, but if you are looking for an easier, more secure enterprise access system take a look. Instart Zero Trust Access leverages core Instart technology, such as our cloud-based web security products, our unique Nanovisor technology, and our long experience with creating high-performing, trusted web experiences to provide a more secure, easier to implement enterprise application access solution. 

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