How Easy Is It to Spoof a Caller ID?

Caller ID spoofing has become a real nuisance with machines and scammers hiding behind a number that they are not authorized to use. This creates the need to prevent illegitimate calls from using random numbers. In the meantime, have you ever wondered how easy it is to spoof a caller ... Read More

Telephone Scams: Your Credit Card was Used in Fraudulent Activities

Everyone by now should have heard about the telephone scams involving a caller who claims that they are from the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) or the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). These tax agency scams generally receive the most coverage, but some don’t get much attention. Recently, people have also received ... Read More

IVR – A Response to Automated Calling

The FCC and most consumers are getting annoyed of “illegitimate” automated calling systems from calling. Most automated calling systems are hiding behind a spoofed caller ID, and blocking the number is not possible. Consumers that are really annoyed are looking for practical solutions. Furthermore, the FCC is pushing for caller ... Read More

The FCC and Call Authentication

On a daily basis, many people receive automated machine calls, and importantly, more people are getting annoyed. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States must have received and no doubt continues to receive many complaints about automated calls and caller ID spoofing. Apparently, these complaints forced the FCC ... Read More

Police Raid Illegal Call Centers Linked to CRA Phone Scam

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There have been many scams that have utilized the phone system to gain access to funds or personal information from hardworking individuals. One of the most prevalent scams that seems to persist in both Canada and the United States is the tax agency scam. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and ... Read More

Caller ID Spoofing – What It Is and What to Do About It

What is Caller ID? Caller identification (Caller ID) is a service that allows the receiver of a phone call to determine the identity of the caller. Caller ID is initially sent over at the start of the phone call and identifies the incoming caller before the receiver answers the phone ... Read More