Black Friday data breach raises concern

Black Friday data breach raises concern Almost every week we hear of a new cyber attack affecting yet another household brand. This week Amazon was hit with what they called a ‘technical error’ days before the much-anticipated Black Friday Sale. The incident meant names and email addresses of a number ... Read More
Global Piracy Report: Q3

Global Piracy Report: Q3

The following is an extract taken from our Quarterly Piracy Assessment which is available for purchase. Contact our team for further details. SOUTHEAST ASIA NYA recorded 18 maritime security incidents in Southeast Asia in Q3 2018, in line with the previous two reporting periods. Criminal boardings have made up the ... Read More

Violent Piracy in Southeast Asia – A Feature of the Past?

ReCaap’s July 2018 Monthly Report recorded not only a year-on-year decline in piracy incidents for January to July compared to 2017, but also a significant reduction in the number of violent incidents. ReCaap recorded no ‘Category 1’ incidents between January and July. ‘Category 1’ incidents are defined as those with ... Read More

Gulf of Guinea: Mother ships used to target vessels deep offshore

PDF Download An approach by a pirate action group (PAG) using a mother ship approximately 280NM south of Lomé, Togo, during July marked the furthest offshore incident recorded by NYA since 17 September 2015. On 22 July at 1500 UTC, the duty officer on board a tug vessel noticed a ... Read More

Is personal information about you or your family discoverable in the public domain?

NYA LAUNCHES NEW SERVICE DIGITALTRACE Is personal information about you or your family discoverable in the public domain? As we share more details online, the discovery of information by third parties is often overlooked. This could involve anything from stolen credentials sold on the dark web to your location details ... Read More

Saudi-led coalition forces advance on Al-Hudaydah in Yemen

SAUDI-LED COALITION FORCES ADVANCE ON AL-HUDAYDAH IN YEMEN NYA Insights Saudi-led coalition forces in Yemen On 13 June forces of the Saudi-backed coalition advanced on the strategic port city of Al-Hudaydah in an attempt to wrest it from control of the opposing Houthi rebels. The offensive comes after Houthi forces ... Read More

Terror attacks demonstrate that militants remain a credible threat in Indonesia

Between 8 and 16 May 2018, Indonesia consistently made international headlines due to a dramatic increase in the number of terror attacks throughout the country. What started with a prison riot by convicted jihadists grew into a nine-day long series of incidents including knife stabbings, attacks with swords, vehicle-borne improvised ... Read More

The shifting maritime threat off East Africa: Yemen

NEW PIRACY TRENDS IN 2018 On 23 May US-based NGO Oceans Beyond Piracy released their annual report on the state of global maritime piracy in 2017. The report detailed a significant increase in piracy incidents from 2016 to 2017 in the East African High Risk Area (HRA) — findings corroborated ... Read More

Is Mexico at its most violent?

The first quarter of 2018 was reportedly the most violent in Mexican history, based on the number of intentional homicides. The following is taken from our full report on Latin America produced by NYA24. To download the full report, LATIN AMERICA REPORT by NYA24 MEXICO CIVIL UNREST Incidents of civil ... Read More

Will Cyber Ransoms Increase after GDPR?

SHIFT IN TACTICS AMONG CYBER CRIMINALS While General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) brings with it opportunities for companies to further secure data, it may also lead to a shift in tactics among cyber criminals. After 25 May, perpetrators with access to personal data shall effectively have a price point for ... Read More