Is personal information about you or your family discoverable in the public domain?


Is personal information about you or your family discoverable in the public domain? As we share more details online, the discovery of information by third parties is often overlooked. This could involve anything from stolen credentials sold on the dark web to your location details being available online. Such information could threaten the physical and/or financial security of you and your family.

DigitalTrace is an online profiling, monitoring and data breach alert solution from NYA. Designed for individuals, families and organisations, the service produces timely and accurate intelligence, so you can take immediate action to limit potential damage to your physical and online security and reputation. We offer a flexible service that can be tailored to your needs.

We recently provided a family who had been the benefactor of a substantial lottery win with consulting services supported by information gathered from NYA’s DigitalTrace platform. Using surface, deep and dark web sources, our analysts identified what information was discoverable about the family online and highlighted any concerns or security vulnerabilities. Ongoing monitoring provides the family with assurance that if any potential threats surface, they are made aware and can adjust their security measures to protect the family.


As one of the leading incident response teams internationally, our in-house cyber response experts are trusted by a number of the world’s principal insurance markets to support clients. We have advised on some of the most complex cyber cases in recent history. Our daily experience of dealing with cyber cases provides us with unrivalled expertise to offer advice on both pre-incident and post-incident cyber issues, including data theft, ransomware, man-in-the-middle attacks, DDoS and DeOS. In the last four years, NYA has responded on many targeted and untargeted cyber-attacks across a wide range of industries. Through our case experience we understand the common vulnerabilities exploited and extortion tactics employed by cyber criminals.

We listen, and approach every task from your perspective. We only propose solutions that fit with your situation and lifestyle.



We compile a detailed online profile of you, your family or company using surface, deep and dark web sources. A baseline profile is built to capture your digital footprint and identify what information is discoverable about you online – highlighting any concerns or security vulnerabilities.


Once an online profile is established, we continue to monitor it. The initial report will help determine the relevant search criteria and alerts, which can be adjusted should your personal circumstances change. NYA monitors your profile for any changes in online sentiment or other indicators that may affect you, your family or your family brand.


A breach is the unauthorised access to and posting of personal information such as IP addresses, credit card details, passport numbers, email addresses, associated domain names, and text string identifiable as your data. This service actively monitors the dark web to notify you of detected breaches involving your personal data.

We have access to a comprehensive database of dark web content, which currently contains 43 million ‘dark’ documents in the searchable index, going back to mid 2016. We can access historic data breaches with almost 6.5 billion credentials across 275 separate breaches as far back as 2007.

Unstructured dark web sources such as Tor, IRC, Bins, Derived and Curated, currently collect around two million new documents per week, which contain approximately one million email addresses and credentials – all of which can be filtered and searched to identify breaches. We actively monitor for new breaches – built around the credentials that are most relevant to you and your family.


We offer the ability to monitor online activity and digital interest surrounding specific events that you or your family may attend or be involved in, and which may generate public interest which could affect your personal security or brand. We provide an initial threat assessment and identify the requirements for the online search criteria. Continual monitoring of online engagement ensures that your security team can be alerted immediately to any emerging trends or threats.

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