This year marks the eighth edition of the popular IBM i Marketplace Survey Results. Each year, HelpSystems collects data about how companies utilize the IBM i platform and the IT enterprises it helps. Year after year, the survey has started to demonstrate long-term directions that provide useful information about the future of this entrusted technology.

Despite constant challenges, nearly 500 IBM i users from all over the world took part in this year’s survey, which illustrated a good perspective for Power10, a growing RDi user base, and concern about cybersecurity. Along with cybersecurity, the most relevant issues in the IBM i community contain high availability, disaster recovery, modernization, automation, IBM i skills, and all things cloud.

Participants pinpointed many core challenges associated with IT infrastructure. It includes security and regulations, automation, modernization, and multiple other issues like high availability, and remote operations. Concern about cybersecurity is still high among participants.


Cybersecurity is still the top concern when planning an IT infrastructure 

If you’re worried about cybersecurity in your company, you’re not alone. According to the latest IBM i Marketplace Study from HelpSystems, cybersecurity, and ransomware were the top concerns of IBM i clients, topping out High Availability / Disaster Recovery, application, and IBM i skill.

Over the years, the most consistent issue in the IBM i Marketplace Survey Results is the ongoing cybersecurity threat. The year 2022 was no exception. The survey has revealed that 62% of firms believe cybersecurity is the ultimate crisis as they develop their IT infrastructure. However, while businesses prioritizing security appear to be enforcing numerous solutions, it’s still disturbing that 30% of them do not plan to implement them.

While it is obvious that a robust, proactive outlook on cybersecurity is crucial for any company, the complexity of this process could be responsible (Read more...)