Why do marketers LOVE BIMI?

Check out these logos below

Identify them ASAP!

BIMI - Email Marketing

Now do the same for these too!

Volkswagen Toyota Opera Spotify Dominos

Did you identify the logos or read the brand names faster? If your answer is ‘Logos’, this is exactly what’s overwhelming marketers over BIMI!

What is BIMI?

Brand Indicators for Message Identification or BIMI (pronounced as Bih-mee) helps brands promptly display their verified logos in the receiver’s inbox. BIMI deploys the DMARC mechanism through which only emails with verified brands and logos reach the customer’s inbox.

Well, here’s a little tech, DMARC authentication ensures the authenticity of the sender’s domain. Additionally, spoofs or fake emails are sent to the spam folder directly.

In layman’s terms, BIMI’s visual cues ensure that your marketing emails stand out in your potential customer’s inbox. This increases your chances of attracting more customers. The reason? Your emails boldly display your brand’s logo while others don’t!

What makes BIMI perfect for Email Marketing?

Well, visuals speak louder than words.

A study reveals, 90 % of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and people tend to process visual data 60,000 times faster than text. In fact, since humans are visual by nature, incorporating more images than texts makes marketing funnels stronger thus leading to massive sales.

This concludes a picture is worth 1000 60,000 words.

Now, what if this logic was applied to E-mail Marketing? With the use of BIMI, brands can now display their logos in customer inboxes. Additionally, visual thinking is an effective tool to boost visibility and brand awareness in any business sector.

When your logo (Visual) is paired with BIMI and VMC, you get the perfect opportunity to boost your email marketing conversions. A study reveals, displaying logos in marketing emails tend to increase email opening rates by 21%!

Visuals are all around us. Watch the video below to understand the crux of BIMI and its uses.

Why must a Marketer care about BIMI?

Well, every marketer understands the impact visuals create. Living in the age of information overload and reducing attention spans, it’s imperative to make a mark on a customer’s mind every time your brand interacts with them.

Marketers bombard Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn with visuals daily. However, they side-line one of the most important and highly used tools that leads to massive conversions – Gmail.

By displaying a brand’s logo in the customer’s inbox, the chances of skyrocketing a brand’s conversion rates increase substantially. Below is an example of how BIMI helps organizations make a mark in customer inboxes.

Stand out in the inbox with BIMI


Brand emails without BIMI are represented with initial alphabets of the brand’s name whereas organizations with BIMI display the verified logo. You might’ve realised, logos tend to attract customers to read the emails in their entirety. Moreover, as customers lay eyes on a brand’s logo, they tend to recall them when they need a brand’s services the most. Also, this gives customers a sense of familiarity, trust and authenticity.

A 21% Increase Email Opening Rates

By implementing BIMI for emails, brands including Nike and Apple found a 21% increase in email opening rates and this leads to more recipients reading the entire marketing e-mail until its end. In fact, this implies that customers responded to the BIMI complaint emails accordingly.

An 18% enhancement in Brand Recall

Marketers around the world are always looking for ways to increase a company’s brand recall. A study suggests that it also improved brand recall with just a 5-second exposure. Meaning, as customers spotted a brand’s logo in their inbox, they interacted with the brand more in the later marketing funnels.

Research suggests that people retain 65% of the information with relevant visuals for the next three days. Additionally, marketers notice an 18% increase in brand recall.

Security through DMARC

Brands need to adopt a DMARC mechanism before they get access to BIMI. Moreover, the DMARC mechanism involves DKIM and SPF (not the sunscreen) to work together and determine if an email is sent from a valid domain. If an organization is DMARC compliant, their emails will surely reach the customer inboxes. DMARC compliance ensures that the sender is not an impersonator.

True marketing makes sales easier

The main motive of any marketing funnel is to increase sales. In fact, the truth about sales is, it’s trust driven. A marketing funnel that succeeds in fostering trust among their customers wins at sales. Moreover, brands need robust tools that assure customers to do business with them.

One simple way to do that is to be verified. Be it an Instagram or Twitter account, customers prefer doing business with verified brands. Though social media is a great tool for all marketing gimmicks, there is one powerful tool known to maximise sales the most- none other than Gmail.

It’s time brands made their mark through emails.

How to setup BIMI

Below are the prerequisites you’ll need to set up your BIMI

  • A registered domain with SPF & DKIM set up.
  • DMARC set up at the enforcement level
  • A registered organization (EV validated).
  • Domains must be CAA compliant.
  • Organization to have valid BIMI record. (check here).
  • A trademarked logo in SVG-ps format.
  • Purchase DigiCert VMC from

VMC - New Digital Authentication


In this world of information overload, making a mark on customers’ minds becomes imperative for any brand. Even though apps like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn rule the visual market, it’s time marketers use Gmail to their full potential. Therefore, companies today are adopting BIMI and DMARC to enhance their sales and conversion rates.

Win at E-mail Marketing and Sales with BIMI.

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