3D Data Center View and Rack Dashboard Enhancements

Product Update: Version 3.5

3D data center visualization has finally arrived! Toggle between 2D and 3D views without experiencing any slowdown or rendering issues. Try out the new dashboard widget for Asset Summary. Plus, experience the significant enhancements to Rack Elevation and Advanced Search.

3D Data Center View
3D Data Center View
3D Data Center View
3D Data Center View
3D Data Center View
3D Data Center View

Toggle between 2D and 3D views

After much R&D, we’re proud to introduce 3D data center visualization that’s both fast and functional. The Layout page (location → Layout) features a new button that lets you toggle between 2D and 3D views with ease. In addition to details surfaced in 2D view, a location layout’s 3D view shows important information like:

  • Assets contained within each rack
  • Floor-mounted, under floor-mounted, and ceiling-mounted assets
  • Height of floor-mounted assets (i.e. racks)
  • Width, depth, and height of contained assets

We’ve also added a ‘View Contained Assets’ button to 3D view that lets you select floor-mounted assets to reveal contained assets. When hovering over a floor-mounted or contained asset, the name of the asset appears. A single click of the asset shows a pop-up with relevant details, and a double-click opens its Dashboard.

Asset Summary Widget Screenshot

New Asset Summary widget shows alarm status

Location and Rack Dashboards now feature an Asset Summary widget by default which shows the total number of descendent assets in Critical, Warning, and Normal status. You can click the View Assets button for a given status to see corresponding assets in the Advanced Search grid.

Rack Dashboards also now displays the Delta-T widget by default. The widget shows Average Temperature Rear, Average Temperature Front, and Delta T values for the bottom, middle and top of the rack.

Rack Elevation Lifecycle and Status

View asset Status and Lifecycle in-rack

Rack Elevation views (on the rack layout, multi-rack views, and the Rack Elevation dashboard widget) now display color-coded Status and Lifecycle State. Both settings are preserved and applied across all racks for the current user. Status, which is selected by default, lets you highlight contained assets in the Rack Elevation based on alarm status (Normal, Warning, and Critical). Lifecycle State highlights assets based on their current lifecycle state (Active, Planned, Procurement, Staging, and Retired). Based on your selection, the right edge of an asset in the Rack Elevation will be color-coded to indicate its Status or Lifecycle State.

Advanced Search Status Lifecycle

Advanced Search improvements

The Type field is now optional in the Advanced Search Filters pane (Search → Advanced → Filters) while selecting and filtering on property and sensor filters, Status, and Lifecycle State. Additionally, columns are not filtered for a given asset type.

For further details about the release, including API changes and notable bug fixes, please refer to the Hyperview release notes.

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