Web Management Address Autoetection

Web Management Address Autodetection

Product Update: Version 4.1 The release of 4.1 comes with some exciting updates. Web management address discovery now becomes a breeze with Autodetection. Firmware Updates now support Panduit Gen5 and nVent Enlogic EN2.0 rack PDUs. Not to mention, the Location Layout offers enhanced floor plan visualization with convenient export options ... Read More
Digital twin of rack and serevers

AR Meets DCIM: A New Age in Data Center Management

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Hyperview introduces augmented reality for data center operators through free integration with DC Smarter Vancouver, BC—November 7, 2023— Hyperview, the leading cloud-based data center infrastructure management (DCIM) platform, today announced a strategic partnership with DC Smarter, a provider of highly skilled data center field engineering services, augmented by Mixed Reality Technology ... Read More
Rack Power Monitoring PDU

Choosing the Right PDU for Your Data Center

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A Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is a device that distributes electric power to various equipment in a data center. A PDU can have multiple functions, such as power filtering, load balancing, remote monitoring and control, and environmental sensing. PDUs are essential for ensuring reliable and efficient power delivery to servers, ... Read More
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How California’s New Emissions Disclosure Law Will Affect Data Centers

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California has recently passed a new law that requires large businesses to disclose their direct and indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This law, which is the most comprehensive of its kind in the nation, will affect more than 5,300 companies that operate in California and make more than $1 billion ... Read More
Cloud-based DCIM vs Legacy DCIM Guide

What is CMDB?

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In the dynamic realm of IT infrastructure and network management, the CMDB has emerged as a crucial tool for IT professionals. However, what precisely is it, and how does it enhance operational efficiency and security for businesses? Let us explore the realm of CMDB and its significance in today's data ... Read More
Cloud-based DCIM vs Legacy DCIM Guide

The Role and Responsibilities of a Data Center Technician

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Data centers serve as the lifeblood of our modern digital world. They house the essential servers, storage devices, and networking equipment that enable seamless access and sharing of information for both businesses and individuals. But beyond the rows of humming machinery lies a group of dedicated professionals who ensure the ... Read More

Hyperview Integrates Digitalor for Rack-Unit RFID Asset Tracking and Environmental Sensors

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The integrated offering gives Hyperview users an automated and cost-effective asset tracking option for data centers of all sizes Vancouver, BC—September 13, 2023— Hyperview, a leading cloud-based data center infrastructure management (DCIM) platform provider, and Digitalor, a global leader in rack-unit MC-RFID asset tracking, have announced a strategic partnership that offers ... Read More

Hyperview Integrates RF Code Technology to Automate IT Asset Tracking

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Leading DCIM software provider leverages RF Code CenterScape software to accurately capture and report on critical assets’ location and environmental conditions Austin, TX—August 30, 2023—RF Code, a pioneer of automated, real-time physical asset lifecycle management and environmental monitoring solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Hyperview, a leading cloud-based data ... Read More
Equinix Colocation Data Center

What is a Colocation Data Center?

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Many organizations are turning to colocation as a dependable data center solution for storing mission-critical data, running applications and services, and accessing them on demand. Here, we will explore the concept of colocation data centers and delve into the advantages they offer to modern enterprises. Colocation Data Center Defined The ... Read More
Cloud-based DCIM vs Legacy DCIM Guide

Cloud Repatriation: The Unforeseen Reversal in Cloud Computing Trends

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As cloud computing continues to evolve, an intriguing new trend is emerging – cloud repatriation. This concept, also known as cloud reversal, cloud exit or the "cloud boomerang effect", entails moving applications or data from a public cloud back to a private cloud or on-premises environment. At first glance, this ... Read More

Cloud Workload Resilience PulseMeter

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