Imperva is on Top of the World as it Announces New PoP in Bogotá

Imperva is on top of the world to announce the opening of our newest and highest data center yet in Bogotá, Colombia. This latest move represents our commitment as an organization to improve performance, security and connectivity for our customers in the Colombian market.

In the very center of the country, Bogotá sits in the Andes mountains at an elevation of 8500 ft. With an urban area spanning more than 374 miles Bogotá is home to over 11 million people. And while it is Colombia’s commercial and financial center, it is also a city steeped in a rich cultural history, making it the perfect place for cuisine, culture and business.

Enhanced protection and performance for the region

Colombia is home to more than 50 million people and is the third most populous country in Latin America. In the last decade, business has been growing faster than in the rest of the region and to bolster further economic growth enabling security, connectivity and low latency is critical for continued commercial success. Imperva’s new strategically placed PoP in Bogotá will support economic growth by reducing latency and improving security in the region.

“For local users the new Bogotá PoP will reduce the average latency to Imperva customer sites from 65ms to 15ms”

This will be Imperva’s first data center in Colombia however it is #4 for Imperva in Latin America as we continue to grow and expand our existing network to provide enhanced protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and the best possible performance for our Cloud AppSec and DDoS customers in the region.

Opening the new facility at the most-connected data center in Colombia will mean a significant reduction in latency in the Bogotá area by lowering round-trip times from approximately 65 ms to 15 ms on average, which equates to a 75% reduction overall.

With the addition of the new Bogotá PoP, Imperva now features 48 dedicated Cloud WAF and DDoS mitigation sites around the world, which underpins our commitment to investing in our infrastructure to meet the business needs of our growing network of customers and partners.

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