Deloitte Extends Managed Security Service to Include XDR

Deloitte today extended its portfolio of managed security services to include a managed extended detection and response (MXDR) offering that incorporates security monitoring and response capabilities developed by both Deloitte and its third-party partners.

Curt Aubley, MXDR by Deloitte leader and a managing director for Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory for Deloitte & Touche LLP, said that as cybersecurity becomes more complex and challenging, more organizations than ever rely on the expertise of an external service provider to secure their IT environments.

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The Deloitte portfolio is based on a suite of software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms that drive a set of managed services delivered by cybersecurity professionals hired by Deloitte. The modules within that SaaS suite address everything from analytics to continuous response, including threat prevention, detection and remediation for endpoints and cloud security workloads. Other modules address zero-trust identity management systems, insider threats, proactive threat hunting, intelligence, attack surface and vulnerability management and unified log and analytics management.

Deloitte MXDR partners include Amazon Web Services (AWS), CrowdStrike, Exabeam, Google Cloud Chronicle, ServiceNow, Splunk and Zscaler. Forthcoming iterations of the suite will include additional alliance partners as the Deloitte platform evolves, said Aubley.

Deloitte’s modular SaaS platform is built on an extensible modern cloud platform that is not only easier to expand as needed but also reduces the total cost of securing an IT environment, said Aubley. Organizations can also contract any of the Deloitte services separately, as needed, rather than being required to consume the entire platform, he added.

Ultimately, the total cost of maintaining security winds up being distributed across a customer base that otherwise would have to hire their own team of cybersecurity professionals, said Aubley.

It’s not clear how heavily organizations will rely on IT services providers to manage security on their behalf in 2022 and beyond. However, as threats become more numerous and sophisticated, the odds that an internal team of IT and cybersecurity professionals will successfully combat them diminish. Most organizations today rely on a mix of internal and external cybersecurity expertise to manage their cybersecurity tools and platforms. Of course, with the addition of each new tool and platform, the total cost of security rises as additional security professionals are brought on to manage them.

Regardless of approach, it seems that cybercriminals are reinvesting a large percentage of their ill-gotten gains in advanced platforms that enable them to automate and orchestrate the management of cyberattacks. Every organization today is, to one degree or another, involved in what amounts to a cybersecurity arms race. It will be up to each organization to decide for themselves how much to invest in, for example, next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) platforms. The alternative is to defer the cost of gaining that capability by leveraging a service that provides all the same benefits without incurring all the expenses.

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