How to Make Personalized Marketing Effective With Consumer Identity Programs?

Grow Your Business with CIAM



Providing consumers with digital services is a delicate balancing act. You must provide an exceptional client experience while also establishing trust in the security of your services. If you get one of these things incorrect, the consequences can be devastating.

CIAM (Consumer Identity and Access Management) allows you to collect and maintain customer IDs to support digital efforts securely. You can gain a better understanding of the whole customer relationship, improve processes, and provide a consistent and unified consumer experience.

CIAM is a subset of Identity and Access Management (IAM) that combines login and authorization into customer-facing apps. CIAM is responsible for three key tasks:

  • Enhances the user login service for consumers and provides security services by lowering the danger of unauthorized parties (a prevalent difficulty in the consumer area because of password reuse.)
  • Provides consumers, companies, and corporate customers with personalized and unique experiences.
  • Provides a scalable system with the ability to accommodate hundreds of millions of users.


IAM is considered the basis that guarantees that the appropriate people, systems, and objects have access to the correct assets at the right times and for the correct purposes. Employee access to privacy compliance was secured using conventional identity and access management (IAM). Cloud apps are secured within the stateful network.

When you have to integrate individuals from outside the organization, conventional IAM begins to show flaws. Such personalized marketing systems were not designed for a firm where the bulk of contacts are made from outside the organization and are often beyond the IT team’s authority.

The finest CIAM software allows you to manage data protection depending on user characteristics, ensuring that authorized clients have accessibility to what they need and that others aren’t allowed to go where they aren’t. Structurally, the finest CIAM solutions are designed to work with a wide range of services and devices, are readily scalable, grow to millions of users, fulfill performance SLAs reliably, and satisfy industry standards.

Key Benefits of CIAM

Customer identity management is a critical security precaution for organizations of all sizes. Violation costs may add up rapidly, and they can have a significant impact on the bottom line. According to IBM Security, 80 percent of hacked businesses have claimed that customer PII was exposed during the breach in privacy compliance, with a cost of $150 per client on average.

CIAM solutions are simple to connect with platforms that handle typical customer functions, including account self-management, bill payment, order tracking, data protection, and refunds, lowering the dangers of bad password security.

The key benefits include:

  • Identity and Access Management: Advancement in technology and their exposure to various apps and systems are securely managed by IAM solutions. They look after individuals as well as other types of identities like the software (apps or programs) and hardware (such as IoT devices).
  • Customer data protection (MFA and Adaptive Authentication): Consumers are infamous for repeating passwords across various online sites. Advanced CIAM solutions use adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA), which considers aspects such as position, the hour of the day, and gadgets to safeguard passwords. It promotes even greater password security by requiring more verification for high-risk password resets.
  • Digital consumer interactions that are seamless and trustworthy: Many businesses have numerous online apps and interfaces, with its identification database, making it necessary for users to verify multiple times when moving between them. During the login procedure, this adds to the friction. You can create a more seamless customer experience by connecting all of your platforms with a single CIAM solution: There is a single point of entry for all applications.
  • Users migrate quickly without disrupting their experience: CIAM solution should integrate with your current system to allow you to transfer your clients fast and without disrupting their interaction.
  • Flexible APIs for customization: When it comes to safeguarding access to information, developers strive to provide a seamless client experience. APIs provide developers with the freedom to define authentication requirements at any point in the planning process.
  • Support for several channels: The smartest solutions provide a variety of entrance points throughout all devices, making it as simple as possible for clients to get the tools they need to operate their company.

How to Select the Best CIAM Platform?

Many companies are turning to third-party CIAM suppliers to supply the customer identity management services they require as the range of Consumer Identity and Access Management use cases grows. The appropriate CIAM platform for your company will be determined by its specific business needs. However, it’s a good idea to search for a CIAM supplier that offers based hosting so you can be sure you have not just the CIAM structure but also the CIAM expertise and assets you require.

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