Srishti Singh, Author at Security Boulevard

Customer Authentication: Unfolding The Market Needs Of The Future

Consumer authentication is getting more challenging than ever. Learn how the biggest brands in the world are innovating their way through the disruption that's already underway, and get the tactics you need to deliver a seamless experience to your customers ... Read More

Top 10 Performing Identity Blogs in 2021

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Why Consumers’ Social Identities Matter & How You Can Protect It?

Consumer is king. Organisations have realized this in modern times. Due to globalization, competition has increased, and customers have many choices. Therefore, the best way to get a customer's attention is by providing a product that suits the consumer's social identity ... Read More

Can Social Login Boost Conversion Rates? 5 Things Marketers Should Know

Using social login to drive sign-ups usually makes sense because it increases user privacy. If users like the site, they're more likely to return, and you're more likely to convert them into paying customers. This blog explains how social login can boost conversion rates ... Read More

Decoding the Role of Multi-Factor Authentication and IVR in Banking

One of the greatest adoptions in the banking industry is the introduction of multi-factor authentication (MFA) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems. Both of them are considered effective ways that help banks to reduce fraud. This blog explains their individual roles in banking ... Read More

Embracing Risk-Based Authentication in the Gaming Industry

It is not possible to create an application that protects against everything, especially in the gaming industry. Although it is important to effectively protect sensitive data in electronic gaming environments, it is also essential to create systems that maintain the fun and excitement of online gaming. Risk-Based Authentication makes it ... Read More

Discover the Benefits of Re-Authentication for Enhanced Security

Re-authentication ensures that hackers don’t get easy access to a system’s content and leverage no other loopholes to exploit sensitive consumer credentials. Apart from internal combustion, re-authentication can also save you from external intrusion ... Read More
Multi Factor Authentication

How MFA Makes Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) Promotion Fraud-Free

Quick-Service Restaurants are seeing a boom in engagement, but so are the scammers. Read this blog to find out how to boost your restaurant’s confidence in its capacity to defend itself from hackers ... Read More

Why Should You Implement Social Login Authentication?

If you're building a startup today, social login should be the default, not an afterthought. It will give you a huge competitive advantage, because your users won't have to register or even create an email address to use your site ... Read More

How to Make Personalized Marketing Effective With Consumer Identity Programs?

Personalized marketing is a promotional strategy tailored to the individual at the precise moment they require it, and there's no other communication like it. The question is, how will you fulfill that promise? You may utilize tools to acquire and aggregate information about your clients' preferences. Read on to find ... Read More